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Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the nose. Often referred to as a "nose job", this procedure is often done to change the appearance of the nose, breathing difficulties or both. The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face. When one has concerns with the size, shape, or symmetry of their nose it can become a distraction and other pleasing facial features become unnoticed.

Utah Facial Plastics double board-certified ENT(otolaryngology) and facial plastic surgeons have over 50 years of combined experience in procedures of the face and neck, with offices near the Boise, ID area in Layton and Draper, UT. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to perform and it is extremely important to choose a surgeon who understands the anatomy of the nose inside and out.

Drs. Henstrom, Thompson, and Manning are not only highly trained and qualified to take on your septoplasty, rhinoplasty, or revision rhinoplasty procedure, they have an outstanding team of nurses, medical assistants, and staff to ensure your experience and procedure are first-class from beginning to end. We are here to discuss and map out your goals to ensure the best outcome possible.

What to Expect from My Rhinoplasty Surgery Consultation

When visiting with one of our experts, there are many factors that go into discussing re-shaping the nose.  A rhinoplasty can range from a simple dorsal hump reduction to a full open rhinoplasty with changes that may include changing the tip, nasal cartilages, and more. As changes and goals are conveyed, it is important to discuss how these changes will harmonize with the rest of the face and what may realistically be achieved.

Our surgeons will always approach the situation with safety and functionality as the most important aspect.  If there is a desire to change the appearance of the nose as well as corrections in breathing (septoplasty), it is best to execute these improvements together.

UFP surgeons are experienced in female, male, and ethnic rhinoplasties alike. As desired changes and goals are discussed,  it is important to understand how these changes will harmonize with the rest of the face.

Each patient is unique and it is important that both patient and surgeon come to an understanding and agreement on the artistic changes that are able to take place. An extensive consultation along with optional digital imaging will take place as a guide to help achieve individual goals.


A rhinoplasty surgery permanently changes the structure of the nose and will last a lifetime. Take into account that normal aging will continue to occur that could cause some minor changes to the appearance of the nose, but overall the improvements of rhinoplasty surgery are there to stay. With removing or bringing down a "dorsal hump", sometimes calluses where the bone and cartilage were removed will form again and there is a chance a secondary bump shave may be needed. 

Rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery cost varies a little more with this procedure. There is a bigger contrast when it comes correction and improvements. At Utah Facial Plastics, the cost ranges from $3500 up to $16,000 for a revision rhinoplasty. It depends on what all needs to be done, internal and external changes. 

Utah Facial Plastics doctors are double board-certified in ENT(otolaryngology) as well as facial plastics and reconstructive procedures. They perform this surgery often and are highly experienced to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a process and the first week of recovery is the most difficult. Although most patients note mild to moderate pain, there is more discomfort with breathing. Nasal saline spray and a humidifier can help to relieve some that congestion. During the first week, swelling, bruising, and nasal discharge are the most noticeable symptoms. Some patients get black eyes, but this does not happen to everyone. A cast is usually placed and stays on for 1 week. If there are sutures and splints, those will be removed during that time as well.

Things will improve into the 2nd and 3rd weeks. It is important to not hit or bump your nose within the first 6 weeks and swelling will gradually go down over time. Although not generally noticed by others, it takes up to 1 year for the nose to fully heal from surgery. Many patients state that they are happy they chose to do surgery and the confidence it has given them.

Utah Facial Plastics has been in business for 16 years and we are committed to treat you with genuine kindness and respect, make appropriate recommendations that will help you accomplish your individual goals, and provide safe and effective treatments to ensure the best outcome possible. 

With 3 double board-certified surgeons along with a trained and experienced staff of nurses, estheticians, and medical assistants we offer surgical and non-surgical treatments, providing something for everyone. Utah Facial Plastics is transformation you can trust. Take a look inside our accredited surgical suite in Draper, Ut. Visit with one of our providers in our Layton or Draper, UT offices near Salt Lake City. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure with the use of dermal fillers to temporarily change or mask irregularities of the nose. It can be an alternative for those who don't want to undergo surgery or are not ready to have surgery, but not everyone is a candidate. Dermal fillers used to change the nose can only do so much so it is best to come in for a consultation as well to determine what your options are. Results typically last about 6 months and the treatment will need to be done again.

Dr. Henstrom and Dr. Manning are the two providers that offer non-surgical rhinoplasty. This treatment does come with some higher risks so it is best to discuss these things with your doctor before moving forward with this treatment. 


Exploring rhinoplasty surgery or any facial rejuvenation procedure can be a big decision. Our experts are here to walk you through the process so that you are educated and ready to proceed when the time is right for you. Call 801-960-3137 or schedule a consultation in our Layton, UT location, serving Boise, ID and surrounding areas.

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