MACSlift Patient – Post-Op Day 4

After our MACSlift patient procedure on 6/28, our patient stopped in to see Dr. Thompson the next day and then the following Tuesday, 7/2 when we took these first photos.  She reported feeling some discomfort but little pain over the weekend that was completely manageable with Tylenol!  Her spirits are up and she feels her results are very promising. We definitely agree….she is looking fabulous!

Bruising and swelling typically peaks at approx. 48 hours then bruising fades to a yellow color which you can see here four days following her procedure.  By 1 week they should be gone or barely noticeable and easy to cover with makeup.  We include Jane Iredale mineral pressed and loose powders that are great on the skin and camouflage any leftover bruising.

Patient was given the Obagi Surgical Condition & Enhance System earlier to prepare her skin for surgery and will be able to return to her regimen soon.  Learn more about this amazing system that transforms the skin and will maximize her overall result (*see below)!

Her scars are healing nicely and will barely be noticeable when all healed! Patient has been given simple instructions for care and instructed on the importance of good sunscreen use for at least the next year following surgery to keep scarring minimal. Some visible sutures were removed today and covered with steri-strips.

Thanks for checking in on our fabulous patient and stay tuned for more pictures coming next week! She will be returning on Monday, 7/8 to have the remainder of sutures removed and we’ll post more pictures following her appointment!


*The Obagi® Condition & Enhance System was specifically designed to elevate your procedure results beyond your expectations. Using proven ingredients and penetrating technologies, the Condition & Enhance System improves and prolongs the results of your procedure and helps you achieve healthy, younger-looking skin for the ultimate finish.

• Prepares your skin for better penetration and improves cellular turnover.
• Helps prevent post inflamatory hyperpigmentation (discoloration).
• Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, evens your skin tone and diminishes any hyperpigmentation.
• Helps your skin maintain the effects of the procedure.
• Inhibits future damage for longer-lasting results.
• Promotes the overall health of your skin by establishing a comprehensive anti-aging skincare regimen for life.

Condition and Enhance System II contains:

1 – 6.7 oz Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser
1 – 6.7 oz Nu-Derm Toner
1 – 2 oz Nu-Derm Clear
1 – 2 oz Nu-Derm Exoderm
1 – 2 oz Nu-Derm Blender
1 – 3 oz Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35
1 – 2 oz Free Nu-Derm Physical UV Block SPF 32

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