Know Before You Go: Teen Plastic Surgery in Utah

Is plastic surgery necessary amongst teens? This recent article talked about how adolescents nowadays are turning into plastic surgery for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes — from improving the appearance of oversized ears to going under the knife for breast implants. Here at our Utah plastic surgery practice, we perform teen plastic surgery after a thorough assessment and evaluation of the teen involved.

Common Plastic Surgeries in Teens

While critics are quick to point out that plastic surgery in teens should never be allowed (a group of Australian doctors even wanted to ban plastic surgery amongst adolescents), we believe that there are certain circumstances which actually make plastic surgery an excellent choice amongst teens, contributing to a positive development in both their  physical and emotional well-being.

The following are the most common cosmetic procedures done amongst teens:

1. Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) – A procedure performed for those who feel that their ears protrude excessively.

2. Rhinoplasty (Nose-Reshaping) – This procedure could be done in teens who already have their noses reached 90 percent of growth. It could occur around 13 to 14 years old in girls and 15 to 16 year old in boys.

3. Male Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia or excessive breast development is now common amongst adolescent boys. Male breast reduction has also increased in number over the years.

4. Breast Reduction – Teen girls with overly large breasts tend to experience problems such as shoulder pain and self-esteem issues. Breast reduction is recommended for these girls and every so often, plastic surgeons would wait for the breasts to reach maturity before performing surgery.

Assessing Teens for Plastic Surgery

Here at our practice, we assess the following when it comes to plastic surgery in teens:

  • Physical maturity

  • Emotional maturity and expectations

  • Understanding of the plastic surgery risks

Teen Plastic Surgery in Utah

For more information on teen plastic surgery in Utah, get in touch with us by calling (801)776-2220 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to helping teens look and feel good with themselves!

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