What We Can Learn from E’s New Plastic Surgery Show, “Botched”

The E Channel’s new reality tv show, “Botched”, features the most difficult cases of plastic surgery gone wrong with patients needing help from top plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. The two doctors, who have a combined 40 years of plastic surgery experience, talk about how they thought they had seen it all until they started filming this show. You’ll see why on the show with patients suffering from collapsed noses, uniboobs, and other disfigurements. The E Channel definitely follows these patients from start to finish while keep things exciting, crazy, and completely entertaining.

After viewing a few episodes, there are some key lessons to be learned to increase your chances of getting a positive result with plastic surgery.

1) This should be obvious but don’t perform your own plastic surgery. And don’t have your friend, mom, or spouse do it either! The continued amount of cases reported daily are shocking and often come with deadly outcomes. Fillers can be purchased off the black market and one patient on the program found the low price enticing enough to purchase some fillers. After receiving a “botched” eyelid procedure, she injected her own fillers and describes her results below.

2) Don’t choose your plastic surgeon based on how well they advertise as one patient did on the program and ended up with a botched breast augmentation. Don’t fall for clever marketing tactics alone. Instead, make sure you look at a physician’s credentials, board certification, degrees, and training. Dr. Debrow mentions in episode 1 that 50% of all practicing cosmetic surgeons are not actual trained specifically in plastic surgery.

It’s also important to read actual patient reviews and/or request references to talk to who have undergone the same procedure you are interested in. Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable with your physician and know you can trust him or her. Learn more from How To Choose The Right Plastic Surgeon.

3) Don’t undergo procedures of high risk. Luckily, one cartoon looking patient was told no when requesting ab and calf implants that he designed himself. Dr. Dubrow told him the risks were too high and that he was not going to do it. Listen to your physician’s recommendations for procedures that he or she has done numerous times with minimal amount of risk.

4) Only a few episodes in and there are already a few major rhinoplasty revisions Dr. Nassif has performed. The nose is one of the most difficult areas for physicians when it comes to plastic surgery and you really need to make sure you choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Facial plastic surgeon have education and training on the functional component of the nose as well as the cosmetic and they perform nasal surgeries at a much higher rate than a general plastic surgeon.

To learn more about the program and see past episodes, go to www.eonline.com.

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