Plastic Surgery Scarring – What to expect at Utah facial plastics in SLC, Utah

SkinMedicaPlastic surgery scarring can be a concern at first for many patients. But when everything heals, they are amazed at how closely even they have to look to see any scarring.

Surgeries involve cutting. Anytime you cut the skin it is inevitable that there will be a scar. The way a scar might look depends on various factors including how it is closed, skin type and genetics, and how well it is treated and protected. All of the surgeries performed at our office involve the face and neck, which we see day in and day out  I assist Dr. Thompson with in-office plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures and I get to witness first-hand the amazing suturing skills that he has. Most people probably don’t realize that the way an incision or wound is sutured can greatly depend on the way a scar will heal.  Dr. Thompson performs many cosmetic procedures and also sees patients for skin cancer defect repairs, facial trauma or lacerations, mole and lesion removals, etc. Facial skin is quite different than the rest of the body and Dr. Thompson understands how to close these incisions and provide impeccable post-operative care to minimize any scarring. He also understands the natural folds in the face and makes incisions in areas where they’ll be more discrete. From that point, we provide the patient with proper education that will further enhance their results and aide in the healing process.

Part of good post-operative care includes timing of suture removal, incision care, and then a good scar recovery cream once the incisions are completely closed. I  recommend SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline to every patient to treat their scars after surgery. It is the first topical scar product that supports the scar formation process and works from beginning to end to help smooth and minimize the appearance of scars. While appropriate to all skin types,  it is clinically proven to address multiple phases of scar healing, new or old.  I am very excited about this product mainly because I have old scars and haven’t had much luck treating them with other products.  Scar Recovery gel combined with a broad spectrum SPF containing zinc or titanium dioxide is the perfect combination for treating and protecting healing scars. We include this gel, as well as SkinMedica TNS Serum and a good sunscreen, with most surgical packages, including our facelift package.

SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel features Centelline, a synergistic complex that includes Centella Asiatica, an herbal extract and highly effective antioxidant that helps rebalance the cells and promote healthy recovery, oleuropein, an olive leaf extract that helps fortify the skin and minimize the appearance of pink scars and Bulbine Frutescens, an African plant sap extract that helps provide topical support and hydration.

Give us a call with any questions or ask about it next time you’re in!

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