Botox – A Cure For Depression?

A new study conducted at Georgetown University shows how Botox might actually make you happier. Dr. Kenneth Bear has been studying the effects of Botox on depression for a number of years and believes wholeheartedly that Botox can do more for a person than erase signs of aging.

In fact, he says he has seen it time and time again. “We know that Botox changes certain things and how the neurons talk to each other, and how the neurons talk to the muscles,” he said.

“I do think it’s better than Prozac,” he said. “…even people who had moderate depression that’s resistant to treatment, they seem to do a lot better after they get Botox.” But in order to provide real benefit, he believes it likely has to be injected in the face. He notes that following Botox treatments, patient report higher self-esteem, self-image, and increased job performance.

One patient discusses her experience with the beauty treatment and attests to the boost in mood, especially following a pregnancy when she stopped getting regular Botox treatments. Following the birth of her child she started feeling signs of depression and was going through perimenopause. That’s when she decided it was time to try Botox again.

“I know it takes 4-7 days to kick in, but immediately, I just felt happy,” she said. “Like I did something to improve my look so maybe it’s that look better, feel better.”

It may be that Botox gives one an emotional boost in the same way a new hairstyle or outfit does. Dr. Beer seems to believe there is more to it than that and would like to see a larger-scale clinical trial completed, where Botox is compared with a placedbo and with an anti-depressant.

What do you think? Here at Thompson Facial Plastics we call each patient one week following treatment and can just hear the excitement and satisfaction in their voice. Patients definitely look forward to their treatments, as do staff members, so it will be interesting to see further testing done on the effects of Botox for depression.

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