Full Facelift Versus In-Office MACS Facelift

Dr. Thompson sees numerous patients daily who desire a facelift procedure to restore their neck and jaw line for a more youthful appearance.

Overtime, the skin loses elasticity while both the skin and underlying muscles begin to sag as shown in the diagram to the left. Facelift surgery should not only lift and tighten the skin but the underlying muscle layer as well. Otherwise, long lasting results are unlikely.

Depending on ones facial anatomy, neck and jowl laxity, as well as their personal goals for outcome, Dr. Thompson may recommend his full facelift procedure or in-office MACS facelift.

Both facelift procedures are highly popular due to the natural results Dr. Thompson is able to produce with both methods. So what is the difference?

Dr. Thompson’s MACS facelift procedure is done in-office under local anesthetic while his full facelift is performed in a surgical center only. With the in-office macslift procedure, Valium is given to help the patient relax while they are awake for the entire procedure. He then starts on one side first by making incisions as shown in red on the diagram below.

A small area of skin is lifted to address the SMAS (fibrous layer that sags with aging) and gathered upwards with 2-3 looped sutures that are firmly attached to strong tissue at the base of the temple. With this technique, the neck is tightened and the cheeks are elevates to a more youthful position. Excess skin is trimmed at the incision line and closed with fine sutures.

Bruising and swelling are common following surgery and does vary from one patient to the next. Bruising typically begins to disappear as early as 1 week or may last 2-3 weeks in some individuals. On average, a 2 week recovery period can be expected.

In comparison to full facelift surgery, the advantages of Dr. Thompson’s MACS facelift procedure are shorter scar, less bruising, quicker recovery, no general anesthesia, and lower financial cost.

While the benefits are great, many patients will achieve greater results from Dr. Thompson’s full facelift procedure. His facelift differs from traditional facelift techniques in that it is more comprehensive and not only lifts and tightens the neck and jowls but addresses the mid-face as well.

Incisions are more extensive with full facelift surgery to address greater neck laxity and mid-face aging (as seen in green below). Though incisions are longer, Dr. Thompson places them where they’ll fall in line with natural skin creases. For men, the incision line often blends into the natural line of the beard.

Recovery time with full facelift surgery is typically three weeks. For both the MACS facelift and full facelift, camouflage makeup, a full SkinMedica skincare system and scar recovery gel are provided to begin once all sutures are removed between day 7 and 14.

Also included with both procedures is submental liposuction. Submental liposuction is fat removal of the anterior triangle of the neck, the area below the chin. The incision is small and conspicuously placed underneath the chin.

While the surgical process is longer with a full facelift and requires general anesthesia, the advantages provide greater rejuvenation of the neck and mid-face. That being said, one procedure is not necessarily better than the other as they each provide astounding facial rejuvenation for the right candidate. Greater aging concerns typically require full facelift surgery though both procedures work well to lift and tighten the lower face.

It’s important to note that other facial procedures are often performed in conjunction with facelift surgery, whether the full or MACS. Chin implants and eyelid surgery are common in both situations as well as fat injections to restore lost volume in the face.

To address skin concerns, patients may receive a full face CO2 laser treatment at one of their post operative appointments to help with fine lines, pigmentation and/or acne scarring.

Patients often report receiving compliments from others who are amazed at how well they look but do not know what has changed. Facelift surgery will not be obvious to those around you but will leave you a more refreshed an youthful you.

The team at Thompson Facial Plastics has helped hundreds of patients achieve their aesthetic goals through facelift surgery and work closely to ensure the best possible experience and outcome.

To learn more about facelift surgery from Dr. Thompson, upload your photos in our virtual consultation portal to receive your personalized quote. You can also call (801)776-2220 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Thompson in Layton, Bountiful, or Draper, Utah.

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