Top Plastic Surgery Trends in 2015

We just returned from an amazing week at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference and there were some clear top plastic surgery trends this year. You can expect some exciting new products and treatments, advances in current procedures, and new ways of connecting with your favorite plastic surgeon.

Transgender Procedures

It should come as no surprise that transgender procedures are a hot topic with the recent Caitlyn Jenner spread in Vogue magazine. With more openness and awareness, many transgender men and women feel more comfortable seeking out cosmetic procedures they feel will more accurately reflect who they are as a person.


We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kybella, which received FDA approval for double chin reduction in April this year. The company predicts they will have more information on pricing and will begin training certified physicians later this year. It’s also predicted that treatments like Kybella may gain approval for fat reduction in other areas of the body down the road.

Evidence Based Medicine

Clever marketing and paid advertising can make it hard to know what really works and what just leads to an empty wallet. Luckily, the trend is moving toward more evidence based medicine with consistent case studies and evidence to back up product claims

Designer Injectables

Newer injectables are being formulated for specific area of the face, think Voluma for the mid-face and Restylane Silk for lips and lip lines. You can plan on more coming to the pipeline with Belotero Soft for the correction of superficial lines in sensitive areas, topical Botox, and Teosyal Kiss for lip augmentation and contour.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Many clinics are seeing a great deal of patients following major weight loss with bariatric surgery and/or diet and exercise. It’s very difficult for patients to remain active with large amounts of excessive skin that can be uncomfortable. For many, the transformation cannot fully be complete until their facial and body features are restored. Dr. Thompson treats a considerable amount of patients following massive weight loss with facelift or necklift surgery, sometimes in combination with browlifts and/or eyelid lifts.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is also something Dr. Thompson performs a lot of, often in combination with facelift surgery to restore lost volume in the face. There are different techniques physicians use the rate of success often comes down to the technique and skill of the surgeon.


As patients connect with different surgeons from across the world through online searches, virtual consultations are becoming more popular and common, even for those who are not far but may have a very busy schedule. Dr. Thompson currently consults with patients via Skype, Facetime, or other online methods.


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