How Long is the Recovery from Facelift Surgery?

Most patients seeking facial rejuvenation are looking for a cosmetic procedure that will give them amazing results with no downtime. For mild aging concerns, there are many great options available that involve little to no downtime. But for moderate to more involved aging concerns, long-term results typically cannot be achieved without a certain amount of time for recovery. So how long is the recovery from facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery can drastically turn back the clock but keep you still looking like yourself, just more refreshed and rejuvenated. In order for the results to last, the deep muscle layers need to be addressed during surgery and not just the skin. Dr. Thompson’s incredible facelift procedure does just that, which is why there is downtime involved that he always makes patients aware of prior to decision to undergo a facelift in Utah.

The average recovery period following a facelift is three weeks, though some patients may heal faster and some patients may experience some swelling a week or so beyond that time period. Dr. Thompson typically tells patients to plan at least one month ahead before scheduling any big social events or outings, just to be safe.

Bruising and swelling tends to peak around 48 hours, which is why we recommend sleeping with your head elevated and using ice as much as possible during those first few days. We also give all facelift patients arnica, a homeopathic medicine that helps with bruising, prior to facelift surgery as a preventative measure that they continue to take for one week following surgery.

Post-operative appointments include one the next morning with Dr. Thompson for wound care, and then 2 more within the next week for suture removal. All stitches come out by day 10, though patients are instructed to continue wearing a wrap around their head at night. By this time most patients are doing well and the bruising and swelling has come down considerably. The face may still be somewhat tight and patients are typically starting to feel a bit restless at this time as they are eager to resume normal daily activities.

By week three, patients are looking and feeling like themselves again and are starting to get compliments from others on their rejuvenated appearance. Some slight swelling may still remain for some, but its typically not easy to see by others unless pointed out to them. Patients are feeling good at this point and able to resume life as usual.

Another item we give to facelift patients include a scar recovery gel that can be started as soon as the sutures are out to help speed up the healing process. We also include GloMinerals camouflage makeup to cover bruising and a full SkinMedica skincare kit to prepare the skin for surgery and maximize their results. This kit also includes sunscreen, which is important to use daily for at least one year following surgery.

For more information on Dr. Thompson’s revolutionary facelift procedure, visit our facelift page or call (801)776-2220 for a complimentary consultation.


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