A Beginner’s Guide To Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation


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I get it…there are so many products and procedures advertised that it’s hard to know what is right for you and worth the investment. Jenny Yergensen of Utah Facial Plastics can help to shed some light on the situation:

Patients often come in in their late 30’s, early 40’s, frustrated that lines, wrinkles and sunspots that have cropped up almost “overnight,” and just don’t know where to even start. So we’re breaking down the basics today to help you out.

Establish An At-Home Regimen

Having good skin takes a little work, just like anything else. The absolute basic skincare regimen should consist of a cleanser, antioxidant like CE Ferlic, followed by sunscreen (with zinc & titanium oxide) every morning before applying your makeup. And don’t forget your neck and the back of your hands! At night, you need a cleanser, quality retinol product and moisturizer. To keep sunspots at bay, consider adding a brightening agent like SkinMedica’s Lytera or product containing hydroquinone. It’s also important to exfoliate your skin approximately 3 times per week at home. We recommend investing in a Clarisonic device and using for both face and neck skin.

In-Office Procedures

Skin Resurfacing – A series of chemical peels is important for anyone to do with occasional touch-ups each year or two. This helps resurface the skin, tackle pigmentation, minimize pores, and keep your skin glowing. If you also have fine lines and acne scars, you can take it to the next level with a series of skin rejuvenation treatments incorporating really rejuvenate the skin.

Intense Pulse Light – If sun damage and hyperpigmentation is your main concern, an amazing IPL laser can completely wipe those out with a series of 3-6 treatments with no downtime.

Injectables – No one likes the idea of needles in their face but let’s get real, a bi-yearly regimen of Botox and a filler is more than worth it. Injectables are the most popular non-surgical procedure by far, and for good reason. Botox will smooth wrinkles and prevent them from ever forming in the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes.

There are many different fillers and designer injectables on the market today for different areas of the face to restore volume and prevent wrinkles for permanently becoming etched into the skin. But don’t be a deal chaser. Establish a reputable injector as results are very dependent on their skill, knowledge, and experience. If you budget wisely, 2-3 visits per year are well worth it and not too hard on the pocket book.

All attendees will receive major coupons, food and mocktails, and numerous chances to win free botox or a full non-surgical liquid facelift valued at over $2500! Learn more HERE and call (801)776-2220 for reservations.


More About Jenny

Jenny Yergensen graduated from the U of U and has been working for several years as a marketing manager at Utah Facial Plastics. Part of her job is to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the plastic surgery world, and she’s a great source of information for The Younger You!

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