Do You Have Thin Or Missing Eyebrows? Read On!

Just as a frame provides the perfect compliment to a lovely painting, your eyebrows provide the perfect frame for your lovely eyes and face. This is true for men and women, alike.

Many people who are self-conscious about their lack of brows, may consider tattooing them on or find they spend lots of time every day drawing on their brows.

NeoGraftOthers may wax or compulsively pluck their brows (a condition calledTrichotillomania) or may have tried electrolysis. Unfortunately, when done over time, these things can contribute to permanent brow loss. Other causes of brow hair loss are the aging process, alopecia, radiation therapy, low thyroid levels, anemia and burns or scars.

Is there a better solution to thinning or missing brows?
• Dr. Thompson offers the NeoGraft eyebrow restoration procedure, an amazing automated hair transplant system.
• NeoGraft offers a permanent and safe solution with natural results. In one quick session, you will have full, natural-looking brows with no scars or stitches. Recovery is fast. And the good news is – NeoGraft results are permanent!

Using Follicular Unit Extraction, NeoGraft provides the easiest and best method for fast and simple eyebrow restoration. NeoGraft uses single hair grafts (follicles) that are suctioned from the nape of the neck – the part of the scalp which contains the greatest number of single-hair follicles with the smallest diameter. These follicles are most similar to natural eyebrow hairs. Because the hair grafts are suctioned, there is no surgery. Typically 150-250 grafts are needed for each brow. Proper angulation of the hair follicle during the transplantation process is key. Dr. Thompson masterfully and naturally positions the follicles, similar in pattern to that of a feather.

What happens after the procedure?
Following your NeoGraft procedure, your brow area may be tender for about a week. You should be able to resume your normal activity levels immediately and return to work the following day. Your new brow hairs will shed, which is normal but the follicles will generate new hairs and within a few months you will see new growth.

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