Cosmetic Infidelity: Getting Cosmetic Procedures in Secret

cosmetic procedure infidelity

When we hear the word ‘infidelity’ our minds don’t typically jump to cosmetic surgery. According to several doctors across the country, many are opting to keep their cosmetic procedures a secret from their spouse. With the percentage of youth-enhancing procedures on the rise, more women and men want to have these treatments done without anyone’s knowledge. CBS news even featured a recent segment on women turning to secret cosmetic procedures to strengthen their marriages.

What Is Cosmetic Infidelity and Who Is Doing It?

The term for this type of cheating is ‘Cosmetic Infidelity’ and it refers to patients keeping their cosmetic procedures and the cost involved, a secret from their spouse. It’s hard to gauge how many patients are opting to keep their treatments under wraps, but one surgeon reported that about a third of his patients keep their cosmetic procedures a secret from their significant other. Common procedures withheld include Botox, injectables, skin resurfacing procedures and laser tightening.

Why Men & Women Are Keeping Cosmetic Procedures From Their Spouses?

There are many reasons one might hide these cosmetic procedures. For one, many are reluctant to admit that they are having work done to look younger. They might be afraid of disapproval or that their partner would not understand their choice to have cosmetic work done. Another reason could be that many want their spouse to think their appearance is not the result of a cosmetic procedure; that they look amazing without the help of plastic surgery.

The cheating also has a lot to do with money. Many patients report that they don’t want their spouses to know how much money they are spending on these elective procedures that require repeat treatments. For example, Botox treatments are typically done every 4 months. Many patients pay cash or use a combination of credit cards and cash to hide the total amount and their spouse is none the wiser.

The real question is: Is secret plastic surgery really cheating? Not in the traditional sense of the word, but it is a big secret to keep from a significant other. Let us know what you think!


Written by: Brandi Salway

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