Top Reasons To Try Juvederm on Good Things Utah

Expert injectors at Utah Facial Plastics sit down with Nicea DeGering on Good Things Utah to discuss the top reasons to try Juvederm, the most popular dermal filler on the market today.

Nicea DeGering: Welcome back to Good Things Utah everyone. It’s fall and maybe you need just a little somethin. When you look in the mirror, you want to look more like you, refreshed and not so tired. Beth and Alfie from Utah Facial Plastics are here with us today. They both work with my favorite doctor…Dr. Scott Thompson, who does incredible work. We want to talk about the top reasons to try Juvederm. We’ve talked about Botox on the show but I don’t know how much we’ve talked about Juvederm for facial rejuvenation. Alfie, what is Juvederm and what is it made of?

Alfie Symes: It’s made of hyaluronic acid which your skin has naturally. It’s what gives our skin plumpness and suppleness. It breaks down naturally overtime and also stimulates collagen. The more you use it overtime, the less you need it since that collagen has been stimulated. It’s great in comparison to permanent fillers, where you can get more problems and nodules. And if for any reason you didn’t like your Juvederm treatment, it can be dissolved.

Nicea DeGering: Okay so you say it breaks down overtime…how long does it last? Is it different for everyone?

Alfie Symes: It is kind of different for everyone. Juvederm is FDA approved for 6-9 months and Voluma is approved from up to 2 years. It just depends on where you are putting it and which product of Juvederm it is.

Nicea DeGering: Do you like one product more than another?

Alfie Symes: No, I like all Juvederm products.

Nicea DeGering: So where would you put this Beth?

Beth Sheiner: There’s many different places and it’s kind of like with botox where you can use that many places as well. Depending on the type of Juvederm we use is where we put it. There’s kind of a mild, moderate, severe wrinkle and a Juvederm for each. There’s a Juvederm for the more mild wrinkle or fine line in the skin and in the lips themselves if you want more of a natural look.

Nicea DeGering: So why would you do Botox over this?

Alfie Symes: So Botox relaxes the muscle and filler fills in and adds volume. Botox makes it so you can’t make the wrinkle anymore and with filler, you’ll still be able to move the area, it’s just going to add a little volume. So Voluma is going to go in your cheek and lift.

Nicea DeGering: It actually works great with Botox. You soften one wrinkle and fill in the other. And you talked about lips. I think so many people out there are afraid of not looking like themselves when it comes to lip injections. How do you do that the right way?

Beth Sheiner: We start off very conservative at our office. We want you to still look like yourself…just maybe have a bit more volume. What we do is start with a little bit of the syringe and then maybe work our way to the full syringe within the first year. It just kind of depends on your goals.

Nicea DeGering: We’re showing a before and after picture right now and I love just how that is barely plumped.

Alfie Symes: Yeah, the best work that’s done is work that you can’t tell has be done. People get nervous because they see overdone people all the time. We want our name on your face but a face that looks like a lot of work hasn’t been done. You’re just the best version of yourself.

Nicea DeGering: And I can’t believe how much more youthful you look with just a little it of plumping. Is this minimally invasive?

Alfie Symes: Absolutely, it takes 20 minutes. We numb the area first to make it more comfortable. Juvederm also has lidocaine in it so you’re going to be even more numb as we inject you. You’re going to be a little swollen for 3-5 days. We ask you to not take any blood thinners or NSAIDS for a week prior. Most patients can go to work right after just fine.

Nicea DeGering: Now what is this I’m seeing with the nose?

Alfie Symes: So this one is a non-surgical rhinoplasty that we did with Juvederm. We can add Juvederm to the nose, to the chin or the jaw, temples, nasolabial folds, cheeks, so this is something we’ve had a lot of these coming in recently.

Nicea DeGering: My favorite spot is right around the mouth. That made the biggest difference in my parenthesis. Just adding a little plumpness made me look a lot more refreshed. I know you guys have a special coming up in October.

Alfie Symes: We do…the Bootox special. It’s $9.50 per unit and we also have a special on Juvederm at $50 off plus a free SkinMedica Lip Plump System.

Nicea: All the information is on your screen…don’t be afraid to try Bootox. Thank you girls for being here to discuss the top reasons to try Juvederm.

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