Planning a Facelift? Let’s Talk about how to Manage Swelling.

hair-blowing-SmallAs much as we have come to rely on injectable solutions to mitigate the signs of aging, there comes a time when most people who want to look younger consider the value of a surgical facelift. This procedure addresses the skin, and also the muscular structure beneath; the tissue the holds the skin in a tighter, smoother position.

If facelift surgery is something that you are considering, we are happy to speak with you. A consultation in one of the Utah offices of plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson will provide you with the details you need to move forward, feeling fully prepared. Here, we will discuss some of the ways that swelling can be managed after the facelift procedure.


It is no secret that gravity plays a role in swelling. With that in mind, facelift patients are encouraged to sleep in an elevated position for the first several weeks after their surgery. This doesn’t have to mean that you try to sleep in your recliner chair or sitting upright. Just adding another pillow or two will elevate the head sufficiently without making it difficult for you to sleep soundly.

Don’t get Salty

Let’s just be frank here, you may feel a little “salty,” or grouchy, during the first weeks of your post-surgery recovery. This is normal. Where you don’t want to get salty is on your plate! Reducing the amount of salt that you consume can lower your blood pressure and create better health in general. However, during recovery, the biggest reason for reducing salt is to minimize the swelling that occurs in healing tissues. Remember! Salt can appear in common packaged foods and beverages! Reach for water as often as possible.


Arnica is a plant-derived homeopathic remedy that many people use to minimize bruising and swelling. There is no hard and fast research that points to the benefits of Arnica, which can be applied as a gel or made into a compress by boiling the leaves of the plant. However, there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to keep consumers reaching for this remedy.

Swelling is an expected byproduct of facelift surgery. Once it subsides, you begin to see a beautiful new you. To learn more about this procedure, call (801) 776-2220.

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