What you Really Deserve is . . .

We consistently hear what we deserve. “You deserve a break today!” Or something much more calloused, like “you get the face you deserve.” This statement was actually made, by a woman, no less. Ms. Coco Chanel expressed the idea that the age a person has at age 50 is somehow deserved. We can see where she was going with this, but also know that there is another side to the story. Let’s tell that side, first.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

It seems we can thank our parents for much of the good that we encounter, as well as the bad. Aging is actually one of those things that can go one way or the other. Our genetic code determines the color of our hair and skin, as well as how the muscles around the face move. You may be able to look across your family line and notice a trend of frown lines between the brows, or downturned mouths. This isn’t because your ancestors were unhappy folks, it’s because their hereditary makeup predisposed them to certain signs of aging.

On to the Good News

It does no one any good to spend their days exploring why they look the way they do. As early as possible, it is beneficial to know what can be done to best support genetic makeup. Where aging is concerned, there are two obvious factors that are without our control: smoking and sun exposure. Both of these factors break down collagen, though they do so in different ways. Avoiding tobacco use, as well as other forms of nicotine, is good for the skin, as well as the body. Mindful sun exposure, as well, decreases premature aging and protects against skin cancer.

But then what? What if your skin is showing signs of age that feel unacceptable to you? That’s when you call Utah Facial Plastics for a consultation with Dr. Scott Thompson. To refresh the face doesn’t have to mean plastic surgery. In many instances, we help patients rejuvenate the skin and tissue around the eyes, chin, mouth, neck, and other areas with sophisticated collagen-building technologies.

When it’s time to take the matter of facial aging into your own hands, we are here to help you. Schedule your visit at (801) 776-2220.

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