What Is A Deep Plane Facelift?

What is a deep plane facelift? A deep plane facelift is a comprehensive facelift technique that address multiple layers of the face. It involves repositioning the whole face and lifting the deeper tissue layers. The result is a more defined neck, jawline and cheekbone area. Because all layers are addressed, the result is longer lasting than traditional facelift techniques.

The main concern most patients have when coming in for a facelift consultation is that they will look pulled and unnatural following facelift surgery, similar to many celebrities they see on tv with poor facelift results. Because the deep plane facelift vertically lifts all underlying layers of tissue and muscle, the skin doesn’t end up looking pulled, which is how unnatural results happen. Only lifting the skin is no more than a band-aid fix for facial rejuvenation.

In this video of a deep plane facelift by Dr. Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics, you can see how by lifting the SMAS layer, the neck and jawline is restored. Dr. Henstrom goes below the SMAS tissue layer to release deeper layers of tissue from their underlying muscles and he reattaches them at a higher level.

After the underlying tissue and muscle layers are lifted and sutured, the excess skin is then trimmed and closed up with fine sutures. Recovery from a deep plane facelift is approximately 2-3 weeks, similar to other facelift surgery procedures. Most patients do not find the process painful. It’s more a matter of patience waiting for the wounds to heal, bruises to disappear and for the face to relax to a natural position.

Because there is little tension on the incisions, they tend to heal quickly and eventually leave a very fine white line nearly undetectable to others. Sutures are removed in stages throughout the first 10 days following surgery and glued together with steri-strips for additional 3-4 days to hold them together. Patients are given an ACE wrap to wear for the first five days following surgery and then just at night for an additional seven.

For more information about a deep plane facelift at Utah Facial Plastics, call (801)776-2220 today.


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