Natural Looking Lip Injections in Utah


We’ve all see unnatural looking lip injections. So how do you get natural looking lip injections in Utah?

First, it’s important to see someone well trained with a lot of experience in lip augmentation. When doing your research or calling an office, ask about the injectors qualifications, credentials, and how often they perform lip augmentation. Online and social media reviews are incredibly important as well.

At Utah Facial Plastics, we have four experiences lip augmentation injectors. Two are board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Henstrom, as well as two experienced nurse injectors, Alfie Symes and Beth Sheiner, who both trained with Dr. Thompson.

Our providers are known for natural looking lip injections for Utah and typically start with a conservative amount of filler at initial treatment. Because a needle is used, there is swelling and possible bruising in the beginning. It’s best to wait until the swelling subsides and then evaluate whether or not more fullness is desired.

The most popular injectable used for lip augmentation at Utah Facial Plastics is Juvederm because of how smooth it is in the lips. There are different formulations of the product that provide different results. They are as follows:

  • Juvederm Ultra – 1.0 mL syringe of hyaluronic acid that provides natural looking result that last approximately 9-12 months; average fullness; injectors typically start with 1/2 of a syringe
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus – 1.0 mL syringe that is a thicker formulation of hyaluronic acid for more of a plump; lasts approximately 9-12 months; injectors typically start with 1/2 of a syringe
  • Juvederm Volbella – 0.5 mL syringe that is a thinner formulation of Juvederm providing more of a subtle plump (baby lip plump); lasts 1 year; also commonly used for lines around the lips or smoker’s lines; less expensive because it’s a smaller syringe; injectors tend to start with 3/4 of a syringe
  • Juvederm Voluma – not as commonly used for lips because it is the thickest formulation of Juvederm providing a more extreme result; only used for patients desiring major fullness; lasts 18-24 months; more expensive and not as natural looking; injectors start with 1/2 of syringe on average

At Utah Facial Plastics, we bank the remainder of a Juvederm syringe that is not used at the initial treatment at our office. It is good for one year and patients can come back for more when ready at no additional cost. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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