Non-Surgical Treatment for Neck Wrinkles

Looking for a non-surgical treatment for neck wrinkles? Beth, cosmetic nurse at Utah Facial Plastics, treats her patient concerned with neck wrinkles with a quick, 30 minutes in-office procedure. Watch her inject the neck lines with Vollure, a Juvederm product that lasts up to 18 months. Vollure is made of hylaronic acid, which is completely natural and safe.

Beth uses a tiny needle after using numbing cream making the procedure fairly comfortable. The results are instant though there may be some swelling at the injection sites that can take some time to subside.

Be sure to trust this procedure with an experienced injector only. This patient was super happy with her results and left the following review the very next day:

“I saw Beth in the Layton office to fill in deep creases I have in my neck that have bothered me for awhile now. She did such an amazing job, its like a miracle! My neck looks so much better. It was painless and the creases are gone. I have also had procedures done by Dr. Thompson, he does such great work. He makes everyone he touches look and feel better about themselves. I highly recommend them for any procedure you are thinking about.”

For more information on this non-surgical treatment for neck wrinkles, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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