Revitalizing with Radiesse

Dermal Fillers Layton, UTMost people turn to dermal fillers to reduce the signs of aging. We can understand the appeal of non-surgical treatments, and take a great deal of care in the use of the various products we have added to our menu of services. In addition to performing a thorough consultation process with each patient to determine the value of injectables over surgical lift procedures, we are also thoughtful in the filler products that we choose for each. We do this, so you don’t have to. Here, we offer some reasons why Radiesse may be a preferred filler for certain concerns.

Radiesse: A Different Kind of Filler

There are numerous dermal fillers available today, and yet it is the products in the Juvederm family that still seem to be the most recognizable. This doesn’t mean they are better; it just means the manufacturer has done an excellent job in marketing their product. Radiesse is formulated with a different base ingredient than Juvederm products. Where the Juvederm family relies on the power of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse restores the structure to the skin’s foundation using tiny calcium hydroxylapatite particles. Still a gel-based filler, Radiesse has a slightly firmer consistency than most HA fillers, and this makes it ideal for particular problems.

Benefits of Treatment

The thickness of Radiesse sets it apart from other fillers because it can achieve better results in people with thicker skin, or in areas where firmness would be expected. For instance, Radiesse may be an excellent choice for men who want to restore sharpness to the jawline. Women who want to smooth away pre-jowls, as well, may obtain their desired result with Radiesse.

It isn’t only the consistency of Radiesse that creates value; this filler also works to progressively improve the skin. As the microspheres add support to the scaffolding beneath the skin, fibroblast cells are stimulated by the presence of the granules of the product. This excitement within the cells causes collagen proliferation that continually rebuilds the foundation that is needed for resilient, supple skin.

Getting Results with Proper Care

In our Utah facial plastic surgery offices, we prioritize personal care. Discover the treatment options that will help you achieve and maintain the look you want when you consult with us.

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