Best Treatments for Droopy Eyelids, Bags & Dark Circles

Dr. Douglas Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics discusses the best treatments for droopy eyelids, bags and dark circles with Reagan Leadbetter on Good Things Utah.

Reagan: We’re talking about the best treatments for droopy eyelids, bags and dark circles today and botox and fillers are something originally you can do, right?

Dr. Henstrom: Yes, those will help some people and help lift the eyebrow a little bit with Botox and fill in the hollowing with filler. For younger patients without too much aging this is a bit better for. For some people we need to start thinking about more invasive procedures and they’ll get more for their money by going that route versus spending on fillers and not getting the result they hope for. There’s more downtime but they are much more satisfied with the end result.

Reagan: Alright so I had this actual issue. I went in and saw Dr. Henstrom and asked what I should do and he recommended a lower lid skin pinch.

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah, so this is the first step for patients with some redundant skin under the eyes, an opportunity to just pinch some of the extra skin from that area. It’s easy to heal up from and you can see the before and after of those beautiful Reagan eyes.

Reagan: And what I loved about Dr. Henstrom too is that he’s a perfectionist. I think he spent more time determining how much skin to pinch than he did the actual surgery because I didn’t want something extreme.

Dr. Henstrom: That’s the important step. If you get that right, everything else heals up correctly, people look great and they’re happy with their results.

Reagan: I’m a big fan of if you don’t like something, then why not fix it? So then there’s also a traditional eyelid lift treatment for droopy eyelids that my sister in her 30’s did because she had a lot of fat and skin on the top of her eye.

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah, so traditional blepharoplasty is one of the more common procedures that we’re going to perform when people of excess fat or skin laxity around the eyes. The upper blepharoplasty can be done in the office and is pretty straight forward and simple. The lower eyelids sometimes require a little bit more and there’s a couple of different ways we might do it depending on what’s going on with the patients eyes. If they have a lot of fat protruding we might do a traditional lower blepharoplasty and remove some of that fat. Or we can actually reposition some of that fat like this patient here and put it down in that tear trough to fill it in and it gives it a nice smooth contour, we’ve re-established that contour between the lower lid and the upper cheek and it’s a much more youthful appearance.

Reagan: The eyes are the window to the soul and Dr. Henstrom and I cannot believe the difference it can make when you do something really little.

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah, so the eyes are the window to the soul and the eyelids are the frames to that window. So that’s how it sets up the eye nicely, frames the eye and the lids will often determine how wide open the eyes will be. So getting them open more can help you see the eyes better.

Reagan: I think I look more awake. Okay, so one last thing…what do you do for dark circles?

Dr. Henstrom: So if filler isn’t going to be a good enough treatment for a patient, we can do under-eye, or peri-orbital fat injections. This is a little video of us doing it. We’ve harvested some fat and we can take that from the outer thighs or abdomen. Here we are after we’ve rinsed and cleaned the fat and gotten the blood out of there. We’re getting the fat set up in the syringes and we’re going to use that to inject into that tear trough deformity, around the eye, and build up that anterior cheek and just kind of reframe the eye for a more youthful appearance.

Reagan: I was just going to say it creates such a more youthful appearance. Alright so you and Dr. Thompson will be giving a seminar soon.

Dr. Henstrom: That’s right, November 9th we’re going to have a seminar in our Layton office where we’ll be talking about all kinds of facial rejuvenation techniques and things that we can offer. Find us on our website at or call the office. If you can’t get into to it, we’re also going to be broadcasting it as a Facebook LIVE event so everyone can join us whether they are in the office or not. But the people that come to the office get some perks for being there.

Reagan: I love it and your staff is so outstanding.

Dr. Henstrom: That’s right…we have the best team.

Reagan: Thank you Dr. Henstrom, I’m so happy with what you do for me.

For more information on the best treatment for droopy eyelids, bags and dark circles, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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