Facial Rejuvenation is a Personal Endeavor

Skin Resurfacing Salt Lake City, UTThere are huge benefits to the plethora of treatment options available in our Layton and Draper cosmetic surgery offices. More than the extensive menu of services, though, is the value that our patients gain from personal attention. Today, the ease with which we can obtain information can make it harder to determine which procedure or treatment would be most appropriate for our given concerns. We may observe images online and say “Oh, I need that eyelid surgery.” Or “Fat grafting is exactly what I need.”

The whole point of the consultation process is to determine what options will best meet the intended objective, and will also align with patient preferences. Let’s look at how this may play out in real life.

The Change We Seek

Men and women become interested in cosmetic procedures because they want to achieve a particular goal. Maybe this is to reduce the appearance of sagging at the jawline or to refresh the eyes to look more vibrant and friendly. This is a good place to spend some time in contemplation as you look in the mirror. Looking at your face, jot down some of the aspects you want to correct, and what you wish to see. This aids in the process of determination regarding cosmetic treatment.

In real life, it may look like this: One patient may feel concerned about looking older and tired due to hollowness in the cheek area. For this patient to assume a facelift is needed may lead down the wrong path. Rejuvenation may best come from fat grafting to add volume to the midface. In so doing, the lower face laxity that had occurred is likely also to improve. Another patient may feel concerned about sagging eyelids and jowls. In this instance, the surgical facelift, combined with blepharoplasty, may make perfect sense.

Lifestyle Considerations

In addition to understanding the outcome you want to achieve, it is also beneficial to consider how a procedure or treatment will fit into your lifestyle. Recovery is a normal aspect of many dramatically rejuvenating procedures, even those that don’t require surgery. Knowing what to expect from recovery, down to the tiniest details such as pain and swelling, helps our patients make the best decision about the path they wish to follow.

There are numerous ways to regain a sense of satisfaction with your appearance. To explore that those are, call (801) 776-2220.

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