In-office Rhinoplasty Surgery at Utah Facial Plastics

Did you know that in-office rhinoplasty surgery was possible? Most rhinoplasty procedures involve opening the nose through an incision in the middle of the nostrils so for full access to the nose. Some are done “closed” in which the surgeon makes necessary changes through the nostrils only.

In-office rhinoplasty surgery is typically for minor changes only. One popular in-office rhinoplasty surgery at Utah Facial Plastics is a wier excision, in which flared or enlarged nostrils can be trimmed to a more pleasing size to the patient. This procedure is relatively easy for patients to undergo. Lidocaine is injected to numb the the nostrils, incisions are made to remove part of the nostril on the outside, and then closed up with fine sutures. The incision is well hidden in the nostril creases so they become undetectable to others.

Those incisions typically close within 3-5 days and the sutures are removed. During that time, the incisions need to be cleaned twice per day with half hydrogen peroxide and half water, and then covered with Neosporin or Polysporin.

Other in-office rhinoplasty procedures sometimes include minor tip changes that aren’t too difficult for the patient to be awake for in the office. Dorsal bump shaves can be done but are typically too difficult for patients to be awake for as their bone is being shave down. Most patients feel better about being under general anesthesia for bump shaves and it only takes 30 minutes in the OR, also making it a less expensive procedure than a full “open” rhinoplasty surgery.

The most popular in-office rhinoplasty procedures are non-surgical and just involve adding filler to manipulate the appearance of the nose. It’s highly popular and works very well for the right patient.

For more information on in-office rhinoplasty surgery at Utah Facial Plastics, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.


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