Amazing Uses for Botox You May Not Know About

Dr. Henstrom discusses some amazing uses for Botox you may not know about on Fox13’s The Place with Deena Marie.

Deena: Dr. Douglas Henstrom is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon at Utah Facial Plastics and that’s my medpsa! I’m so excited you’re here.

Dr. Henstrom: I’m happy to be here.

Deena: So today’s topic is Botox and some amazing things that can be done with Botox treatments.

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah, so Botox has literally been around for decades and is one of the safest injectables we have. It received FDA approval for cosmetic purposes in the late 80’s for the glabella, one of the most popular areas we use it for, and in for crow’s feet lines and recently received FDA-approval for use in the forehead. It truly is one of the safest cosmetic treatments we have on the market today.

Deena: I’ve been using Botox now for about 4 years and the only thing I have to say is ‘why didn’t I start sooner’? It’s amazing, not painful, super quick and the results are awesome.

Dr. Henstrom: Yes, that’s one of the most common comments we get and in a lot of cases they are right because when you start younger, you actual prevent wrinkles from from ever forming in those areas. There are some other amazing uses of Botox that many don’t know about but it’s important to see someone who really understands the underlying muscles in the face and how they work. For instance, we can fix gummy smiles but injected a bit of Botox in the upper lip to bring it down a bit so it shows a more natural amount of teeth.

Deena: I was so amazed that it was such a simple fix. I’d been to a dentist who told me I’d need to have all my teeth knocked out with veneer’s put in and am so happy I don’t have to go to those lengths.

Dr. Henstrom: Yes, that’s getting to the point that when someone really knows how the muscles work in the face, amazing treatments can be done with a little amount of Botox. We can do thinks for chin wrinkles and/or platysma bands in the neck that are protruding.

Here’s an example of a patient I used Botox on for functional reasons. This patient had weakness of one branch of his facial nerve and couldn’t pull one side down as far as the other. What I did was treat the un-effected side with some Botox so neither side pulled down to make his smile more symmetric. This guy was a performer and this resulted from a previous surgery and really effected his self-esteem.

Deena: I’m telling you guys, there are no better hands to have perform these treatments and if you’re curious, they have an event coming on on facial rejuvenation on 11/9 at their Layton location. Visit to learn more.

Dr. Henstrom: We also have some great Botox specials going on this month. Come in and get $75 off with 30 units or more and then $40 minutes off your next treatment.

For the full Botox video on The Place, click HERE.




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