How To Lighten Pigmentation without a Prescription

If you know a thing or two about getting rid of  brown spots and hyperpigmentation, you may have heard about retinol and hydroquinone. Both of these products are proven and intended to improve skin tone and texture by exfoliation and skin lightening. To get the highest strength in these products and achieve quicker results you need a doctors prescription.

What if you were told you could get products of equal value without a prescription and without the harsh side-effects.  Utah Facial Plastics carries products that only a physician can carry, but you are able to get them from us without ever walking into a pharmacy. Here’s how to lighten pigmentation without a prescription.

Two of our favorite products are Skin Medica’s Lytera 2.0 and Skin Better Science Alpharet Overnight Cream. Here’s why!

When treating spots, hydroquinone can definitely get the job done, but there are also some downsides. The reason why we love Lytera 2.0 so much is because of the testing behind it. The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology published data showing that Lyterra 2.0 reduced melanin levels by 45% after 14 days of use. The results are comparable to prescription strength hydroquinone. It does not have potentially irritating ingredients, is safe to use long term and can be used on any skin type!  It is much harder to treat stubborn pigment on darker skin types, but SkinMedica tested Lytera on multiple skin tones and is shown to fade discoloration universally. This formula breaks up exisiting pigment and inhibits the production and spread of new pigment. This is what advanced pigment correction is all about. You can pair this with a retinol or use on its own and still achieve amazing results.

Now, on to retinol. If you have ever used retinol you know what comes with it….speedy exfoliation as well as redness, drying, and some irritation. That is what it is supposed to do to reverse damage and bring out new healthy skin. Skin Better Science Alpharet Cream contains retinoids and lactic acid, but also hydrates and is non-irritating. Usually you can’t put retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids into one bottle without causing a chemical reaction and irritation. Until now, Skin Better Science has found a way to combine the two without the irritation. Each active ingredient is encapsulated into its own bubble and when put on, the water in your skin starts a release of the active ingredients that is gradual and gentle. Alpharet Cream fades discoloration, minimizes lines and wrinkles, exfoliates and boosts collagen production and you don’t have to worry about the drying, flaking or redness that can come with it.

What’s better than hearing about great products? Hearing about why they actually work!  We hope you will give these products a go and love them as much as we do. To purchase these products come in and  visit with us at Utah Facial Plastics or call 801-776-2220.  You don’t need a prescription 😉

Written by Sydnee Zisumbo


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