Kybella for a chiseled jawline at Utah Facial Plastics

Alfie Symes of Utah Facial Plastics discusses Kybella for a Chiseled Jawline at Utah Facial Plastics on Good Things Utah

Reagan: I have two works…double chin…two unattractive works put together. And Alfie is here from Utah Facial Plastics and talking about Kybella, which is something you inject under your chin to get rid of that extra fat.

Alfie: Yes, we call it the chin chiseler. And I just did it and am still swollen under my chin. It’s an injection that’s done under the chin and made from a product that is not foreign to our body and is completely safe. It’s been approved since 2015 and the results are permanent. It does take a series of treatments…typically 2-4. There are several injections at each treatment. It hurts a little bit but it’s quick and really not that bad. You’re swollen and numb for about 1-2 weeks after treatment.

Reagan: Do I need it?

Alfie: Let me see. No, you don’t need it.

Nicea: We see this as we age, where suddenly you no longer have a chin there and there’s extra fat you just can’t get rid of.

Reagan: This is really an amazing before and after photo.

Alfie: This patient did three treatments but it really does vary for everyone. You can come in to discuss and we have a really great special too. If you mention this segment, you can get your second session for half off. You can learn more on our Instagram page or at

Nicea: Who is doing these treatments?

Alfie: Anyone really that wants more definition along their jawline and under the chin. If you have a lot of fat under there than surgery may be a better option for you.

Reagan: You’ve had 4 treatments and when will you see results from this last treatment?

Alfie: Usually in a week or two after treatment.

Nicea: I like that we put up that list of who this is good for such as people who are exercising, eating right, doing everything you can but that fat just won’t go away.

Alfie: Yes, and you don’t even need to be doing those things for Kybella to work.

Nicea: I can tell you that the best thing about Utah Facial Plastics is that they really want to do what’s best for you….not what everyone is do, not what the hottest thing is but what’s right for you. You look in the mirror and what makes you feel good is what they want to do.

Reagan: Their staff, I can never say enough about their staff. Every single person in there is so wonderful they make you feel like family when you go to Utah Facial Plastics. And then they make you look better.

Nicea: If you’ve been putting off Kybella or treatment for your double chin, now is the time. Also please check out my Instagram for an amazing contest. We’re teaming up and giving away free Botox for an entire year. And you can watch all these procedures on their Instagram page so go check it out.

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