Rhinoplasty Interest Increasing Among Men

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Salt Lake City, UTEvery year, we receive statistics that tell us which cosmetic procedures have been performed and among which demographics. Every year, rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic surgeries that appears near the top of the list in terms of numbers. One of the recent statistics obtained on rhinoplasty, in particular, revealed that men are especially interested in this procedure (to the tune of 55,000 procedures performed in 2016).

This nose surgery is generally performed with the intent of refining the shape of the nose, whether the nostrils or the tip or the bridge. Ultimately, the objective is to achieve better symmetry in either profile view or straight-ahead. In achieving this, patients experience notable benefits such as:

  • A nose that matches the face. This is what symmetry is all about, harmonizing the proportions of the entire face.
  • Improved structure. Some rhinoplasty procedures are functional, performed to correct a structural defect such as a deviated septum.
  • Improved confidence. We all know by now that cosmetic surgery cannot create self-esteem. What it does, however, is significantly improve the way a person feels about their appearance. Because rhinoplasty alters a central facial feature, this procedure has a profound effect on confidence.

Personal Care for Optimal Outcomes

Rhinoplasty is not at all a cookie-cutter type treatment. Like our other facial enhancement and rejuvenation procedures, we approach rhinoplasty with an eye for optimal outcomes. Every face is unique in its structure and in those tiny nuances that create originality. To restructure and refine the nose, we are not seeking to change the entire facial aesthetic, but we are aware that substantial changes may occur simply due to the interaction between the nose and other facial features. Ultimately, we plan treatment around each patient’s personal needs.

Who is a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are individuals who are generally satisfied with their overall appearance but unhappy with the shape of their nose. The mentality that is ideal for cosmetic surgery is one of “I like myself and would like my face (or body) better if . . . “

Rhinoplasty can address asymmetry, crookedness, a droopy or too narrow or too wide tip, and much more. To see exactly what this facial procedure can do for you, schedule a consultation in our Layton or Draper office. We’re happy to assist you at (801) 776-2220.

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