Ear Reconstruction Patient Review

I am writing this email to express the superb and extraordinary experience that I have had with Dr. Thompson and the associates at Utah Facial Plastics. Normally, I try not to seem overly cliché when expressing my appreciation for something, but quite literally, Dr. Thompson’s work changed my life.

Throughout my entire life, my left ear has been deformed. I was never able to wear in-hear headphones, as there was no cartilage for it to sit on. I had just sucked it up, and went the route of over-ear headphones.

Recently, though, I have decided that I want to pursue singing and music production, while also performing at gigs. It is a necessity that singers who are performing on stage must have an earpiece that is playing the song that they are actively singing to. The audio devices sit inside of the ear, and more often than not are made to be in the left ear.

Also, while I worked at AT&T, it was my job to sell and uptalk the most popular bluetooth earbuds on the market right now, which are AirPods. Seeing several people using them with nothing but praise, and stating all of the key points in owning them, it started to negatively impact me. The fact that I was physically incapable of enjoying something like that made me slightly unhappy. With music being such a huge part of my life, being unable to use something so seamless and revolutionary to wireless audio was very unfortunate for me.

Just to gather information, one evening I decided to see what could be done about my deformed ear, if anything at all. I snapped a couple of pictures of each ear, searched for plastic surgeons near me, and sent several emails seeking answers. I only received three responses, two of which were stating that what I was asking for was not in line with their work, or they did not deem feasible. The third email was asking to call for a consultation, that firm being Utah Facial Plastics. Upon further investigation, I found out that my grandfather, Kirk Davis, has previously worked with Doctor Thompson in the past, and he had nothing but good things to say about him.

I arrived to the consultation feeling as though I was only going to be disappointed with the doctor telling me there was nothing he could do. I waited, patiently, until I was called back to speak with Dr. Thompson. I explained to him the situation, and he let me know, with a sense of confidence:

“Yeah, I think I can make that happen.”

Me, being the apprehensive teenager that I am, prodded the question just a bit more, asking if he could estimate a percentage chance that the procedure would harbor the results that I was seeking, to which he responded “About 80% sure.”

I had left the office with even more questions than I did before I had the consultation; and let me just say, the front desk staff at the Layton Utah Facial Plastics office were phenomenal at answering each and every one of my questions with professionalism and sincerity. Before and even after my surgery, they were excellent in answering each and every one of my questions, no matter what they were.

I called the office a few weeks after the consultation, my mind set on getting it done. Since this procedure would be my very first type of plastic surgery, Dr. Thompson and the medical staff were excellent at recognizing my concerns and explaining every aspect so that I could understand completely.

The surgery was very fast, and the numbing certainly helped a lot, as you would imagine. Doctor Thompson even let me play my own relaxing piano music on the sound system in the background. They made sure that I felt comfortable with everything, and I felt as though they were genuinely concerned and striving for my personal happiness throughout the entire procedure.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks after the surgery, and I could not be happier with the results! Even though the case with my ear was a very unique deformity, Dr. Thompson’s mastery of otoplasty and plastic surgery propelled him to accomplish what I had even been previously told was not possible. I can currently wear AirPods without them falling out, can wear ear pieces for performances, and even cosmetically, my ear looks much better than before. My time with Utah Facial Plastics could not have been better, and I am unfathomably grateful for the amazing customer service from the team and the miracle workings of Dr. Thompson.

Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoyed this testimonial.

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