Rhinoplasty surgery is surgery to restructure or change the shape of the nose in some way. It’s one of the most common procedures for a Utah facial plastic surgeon to perform.

Patients have to understand that the nose is central to the face. And most patients come in with a good understanding of what they want and it’s my job to help them understand what is realistic and what can actually be done. Patients should understand how their nose should look at the end of all the healing that happens and understand what is going to change with rhinoplasty surgery.

Our rhinoplasty surgeries are often performed in the operating room while patients are asleep. After they wake up, they’ll usually have a cast on their nose. I use an open approach to a rhinoplasty, which means they’ll have a small little incision under the base of the nose with some stitches in it. After those stitches come out, that ends up healing very well and essentially disappearing.

A rhinoplasty is something that is going to take a long time to heal from. The nose stays swollen for awhile. It takes a full year for all of the swelling and all of the healing to take place, however, usually after a month to two months, patients have a really good understanding and idea of what the nose is shaping up to look like.

One of the interesting things about rhinoplasty and the patient population is that it spreads the entire age range, both genders, there’s a lot people looking to change the look of their nose for a variety of reasons. Some people are born with a nose that is misshapen and it’s a family trait kind of nose, some people have their nose broken and they’ll want to come in and get it straightened out again after it had been broken for some reason. Some people may have had some other type of surgery performed on the nose and they’re looking to change it back to what it was. Some people have functional problems within their nose, meaning they don’t breathe well through their nose and they need some help functionally. So we’ll do that as well. One of the important things about rhinoplasty is that in all that we do to change and improve the aesthetic of the nose, we never want to compromise the function of the nose.

We have to keep in mind that the nose is there to help us breathe. And if it’s not already optimized as far as how well a person can breathe, we want to help optimize that in the same setting of making it look how we think it should look and how the patient would like it to look.

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