How Much Botox Do I Need?

Botox works well to smooth lines and wrinkles in the face and is considered one of the best, most popular cosmetic treatments available today. Our expert injectors have a lot of treating patients with Botox in Utah. We have 2 facial plastic surgeons, with over 30 years of experience combine, and 3 nurse injectors trained and overseen by our Utah facial plastic surgeons. One of the most common questions patients have prior to treatment is ‘how much Botox do I need?

Understanding how much Botox you’ll need is important beforehand so you know approximately how much money to budget for. Many patients will start with a consultation with one of our injectors and then decide at that time if they would like to receive their Botox treatment that day or come back at a later time. The cost depends on the amount of units you’ll need, which is determined by your Utah Facial Plastics injector based on your concerns and your facial anatomy. Some people have stronger muscles or furrows that require a higher dosage than others. And some areas of the face need more units of Botox than others as well.

Common Areas Treated with Botox

Common areas treated with Botox include the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. Other areas include jaw muscles to slim the lower face and help with tension, on the sides of the nose, around the mouth, in the chin, and then sometimes under the eyes to help with fine wrinkles. Another common area not shown on this graph is in the neck. Botox can be injected to help soften protruding neck bands.

We have created the infographic above to show more common areas Botox is used and how many units are typically needed to provide you with the best results possible. This should give you an idea of how many units to prepare for prior to treatment.

Botox Results

It’s important to understand that not all Botox treatments provide the same results and there can be serious complications with botox when not injected by an experienced, credentialed provider. Be sure to see someone who understands the anatomy of the face and can provide safe, natural looking results with Botox. For more information, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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