MACSlift Seminar Information from Utah Facial Plastics

Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scott Thompson, discusses his MACSlift (mini facelift) procedure at a recent seminar.

Let’s talk about the MACSlift, a lot of patients come into my office and ask about this procedure. Usually they think it’s spelled MAX but it stands for minimal access cranial suspension and is actually a mini lift.

A MACSlift is a smaller or lesser version of the full facelift. This is a procedure I like to do for people who don’t have the downtime for a full lift or they’re too nervous about doing a full lift. Or it’s a financial situation. The MACSlift I can do in the office under a local so it doesn’t cost nearly as much because you don’t have to pay for the anesthesiologist and facility. This is kind of an in-between facial rejuvenating procedure and it is a really great procedure.

The incisions are very similar to those we’ve shown for a facelift but they don’t go behind the ear at all and they don’t extend along the hairline. They just go in this front area as the facelift. It’s basically lifting up the muscle with this loop sutures. So it’s called a plication surgery versus lifting the muscle and excising the skin like we do with a facelift. We place those incisions in inconspicuous areas. We give Valium to help patients relax. I did one yesterday and I was just chatting with the lady the whole time and I actually did one yesterday and one today. They were totally different patients. The one today was a little bit older and I recommended a bigger procedure for several reasons and she decided to do the MACSlift and I think she’ll have a really excellent outcome. So it is a great procedure.

What a MACSlift is good for is jowls, it’s a great jowl procedure. If the neck is a patients primary concern, a full facelift is typically best. The MACSlift will improve the neck and most people are happy but I think you just have to understand it’s not nearly as involved with the neck rejuvenation as some of these other things.

It’s a shorter recovery, about one week of laying low and usually another week of some mild bruising. It’s really a much quicker recovery. All the stitches are out by day ten and that applies to the facelift as well. It will look irregular, pulled and tight for about a week or so and then the facelift scars fade really well.

This patient came in about 2 years out and is still really happy with her procedure. I was able to do more with the neck than anticipated. I always do liposuction with a MACSlift and it can really help a lot.

How long does a MACSlift last? I don’t know because everyone truly ages differently but this will help a lot.

If you felt like the MACSlift was good for now can you have a full facelift later? Every time I do a surgery I’m always thinking how’s this going to be if I have to do something in ten years. If you’ve had a surgery before it’s always harder to go back a second time because there’s always scar tissue. If I didn’t do the surgery then I don’t know what the anatomy is and if the nerves are exposed. It’s always better if you can stick with the same person if you’re going to have a second surgery because at least they know what was done before. But no, it doesn’t perclude you from having surgery later on.

For more information on a MACSlift at Utah Facial Plastics, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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