Are Your Hands Aging You | Hand Rejuvenation at Utah Facial Plastics

We all have imperfections and some are more easy to hide than others. But what about those areas that always exposed like the face? And hands? One way to tell a person’s age is to look at their hands. As we are becoming more self aware and making it a priority to work on better skin care regimens, when you hold your hand up to your face do they go together?

As we age we tend to lose volume in places that we don’t want to, collagen production slows down, places like the face and hands get that “sunken” in look and these areas just start to look old. Most of us don’t feel old, so why do we have to look it?

As our hands age you might start to notice thinner wrinkled skin, prominent veins, and even some dark spots. Thankfully with newer technology we are able to treat some of these signs of aging.

One we are particularly excited about at Utah Facial Plastics is Restylane Lyft hyaluronic filler now FDA approved for hand rejuvenation. The filler is used to replace volume where it has been lost and create of smoother appearance in the hands that you once had. More men and women are turning to measures designed to remove some of the signs of aging and hand rejuvenation is one of them.

Fillers like Restylane Lyft, Radiesse  and Sculptra can be used to treat volume loss and stimulate our own collagen production. Another sign of hand aging and may be even more noticeable can be skin discoloration and brown spots from sun damage. An IPL or  Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, aka Fotofacial Laser treatment, can be used to treat these unwanted spots to even out color on the hand for a more even tone. This treatment is best for lighter skin individuals because it picks up pigment, which can be too intense for darker individuals causing burns or inflammation and may result in post hyperpigmentation.

Skin topicals are also a great option in conjunction with these treatments and can improve overall tone and texture of the hands. Luminiq by Revision Skin Care is a hand cream specifically made for the hands to increase hand moisture and reduce imperfections. At Utah Facial Plastics we carry a few spot correcting treatments that many patients use to treat their face,neck, and chest and we recommend that you dab a little on your hands as well, followed by a good SPF like Elta MD sunscreens.

If you are considering hand rejuvenation be aware that all of these treatments require maintenance. It is an ongoing process of daily prevention and correction are going to be your first line of defense.

To learn more about hand rejuevnation and all of the options available call Utah Facial Plastics at
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