Correction for earlobe concerns isn’t a common problem for most people, but luckily for those looking to improve an elongated or torn earlobe it is available. Earlobe repair surgery is best done by a facial plastic surgeon, who can rejuvenate an aged earlobe or repair even extensive damage caused by pierced or gauged earlobes. There are a few reasons why earlobes might need to be surgically repaired.

Elongated Earlobe

An elongated earlobe can be caused by aging or wearing heavy earrings for months or years, causing sagging in the skin.

Torn or Split Earlobe

Torn earlobes can be a cause of trauma, where the earring is pulled through the earlobe. . Earrings can also be too heavy and eventually pull through the ear, especially if the piercing is too close to the bottom of the earlobe.

Gauged Earlobes

The earlobe is expanded with a plug. Sometimes the individual decides they do not want a gauged earlobe anymore or the earlobe eventually tears through.
Earlobe repair can be easily done in the office under local anesthesia and will take about an hour, depending on the damage or method of repair. Sometimes Utah Facial Plastic surgeons, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Henstrom will do an earlobe repair is combination with a Facelift procedure, giving the earlobes a nip and tuck as well if needed. Typically patients will return 6 weeks after surgery to have their earlobes re-pierced if they desire.

Even the ears can be subject to aging, sagging and change, luckily we have a way to fix them back up.

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