Dr. Henstrom Discusses Tips on Choosing a Cosmetic Provider on Good Things Utah

Reagan: We’ve all heard those horror stories of people having complications of going under the knife. It’s important to choose the right doctor, and luckily Dr. Henstrom from Utah Facial Plastic’s services is here to tell us the 6 things to look for when choosing a cosmetic provider and there are several things on this list and I think the very first one you say is Credentials. You need to have someone with credentials.

Dr. Henstrom: Absolutely. Look for their board certifications. Look to see what kind of testing they have had to undergo to get to where they are. Who’s credentialed them and recognizes they have had the proper training and so forth.

Raegan: And when you say that education, experience, what kind of experience and education should the doctor have?

Dr.Henstrom: So their education background is their medical school training or whatever it led to them to their specialty, both in their generals. So for instance for me and Dr. Thompson…it’s our general overall otolaryngology background training but then our sub-specialty training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The experience is how long they have been doing this, how many years, how much have they done of what. And usually you should be able to find out this information pretty easily.

Raegan: That something that I do really like to say, if someone says “Gosh I feel like your Botox looks really good”, I say “ Well their facial plastic surgeons that do it, it’s not just someone whose going to massage your feet and then go to a Botox party at someone’s house, Right? Because that happens?

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah that does happen. We like to say trust your face to a face specialist. It’s too much to roll the dice when it comes to your face and unfortunately we see a lot of examples here of house parties of things people are getting done in local homes and so forth and unfortunately we see the complications from that. And so too much that’s happening and our estimation it’s not a safe environment or place to do that.

Raegan: Plus Dr.Henstrom I know from experience is a perfectionist, so I want a perfectionist that’s going to be working on my face. Services. You want a variety of services?

Dr. Henstrom: Yeah this is really important. When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And so when you go to a facility and it’s for instance it’s a spa that offers botox or fillers, and whatever your problem might be they may only have one solution and let’s give you more fillers and so their going to try to over fill or going to try to correct the problem with fillers and that might not be the best solution. So going to a facility like ours, others that are credible gives you an opportunity to have fillers as an option, but maybe there are better surgical options. For instance we see a lot of people that come in with questions about their nose, they want what they’ve hear about is a  “ Liquid Rhinoplasty” . We do it quite often we use filler in the nose to correct subtle deformities. That’s not the right answer for everybody’s nose. So there are plenty of patients we see and have to tell them fillers in your nose aren’t going to help you they are only going to make the problem worse. We’ve got to talk about surgery and so our facility we can offer those opportunities, those options are on the table and it’s a breathe of services that we can offer, the others can offer that might be the best alternative for them.

Raegan: And you have the expertise to know exactly what they should be doing which is really wonderful.

Dr. Henstrom: Absolutely.

Raegan: Reviews and Testimonials . How important are these?

Dr. Henstrom: Very important. There are a lot of places you can go for reviews. One of the most common places that people need to know about is call Realself. And a lot of patients know about it. It’s a  great patient forum. This is a place where people can put reviews, patients can ask questions and real physicians will answer their questions. It’s a place where they can get information. There’s obviously Google reviews everybody knows about. But Realself and other websites are credible sites have done a good job getting the information out there and making a  forum for people to get good information they can trust.

Raegan: Right. And Trust is your last one. I think this is one of the most important things. How they make you feel when you go in?

Dr. Henstrom: Right. You’ll know off the bat. Our place might not be the best for everybody.

Raegan: Yes it is. ( laughs) I say that too because your staff is so incredible I think that’s part of the trust and all the services you provide with all the people you have apart of your team

Dr.Henstrom: That’s right. It is a team effort there’s no question, everybody’s apart of it. How do they make you feel the moment you give a phone call to try to get into the office, to the moment you’re there to the treatments (actually that were showing a few examples on the TV), how do they make you feel. Can you trust them?  Have the other reviews that have been out there been ones that have told you about trust?  Do you have friends or close people that you trust that can recommend this place? That goes along way. Your friends and closest colleagues if they are going to a place and trust it, their going to tell you.They are going to tell you if it’s good or bad or not. So trust those people and check things out. And always take opportunity yourself to look into it, to do a background check. Do a little bit of your own research. Try to avoid places that are uncredentialed. Try to avoid places that are doing things  that are a little bit shady. And maybe in weird ways, if you feel uncomfortable you as a patient have the opportunity to say ok I don’t feel comfortable here, I’m going to go somewhere else and try this. And it never hurts to get second opinions. I encourage our patients.

Raegan: You have a rewarding job

Dr. Henstrom: Absolutely! Our patients come in and they ask for other opinions and I always tell them go for it. Go get another opinion.

Raegan: In fact this is where you go this is the phone number on the  screen, utahfacialplastics.com. Thank you Dr. Henstrom you’re wonderful, thanks  for being on the show

Dr. Henstrom: My pleasure.

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