New Silk Filler To Hit The Aesthetic World in 2022

Questions like, “What will get me the best results for my budget?” or, “What’s the best treatment for me that is the least invasive?” are most common at Utah Facial Plastics. While dermal fillers have been around for so many years and have been one of the most popular non-invasive treatments for anti-aging, the aesthetics industry continues to evolve and we’re always on the look-out for the best treatments to offer our patients.

A company called Silk Medical Aesthetics Inc. has developed a product that is a bio-compatible liquid silk technology and the first all-natural bio-material injectable for the skin. It is made from pure silk from silkworms cocoons suspended in liquid. This formula is projected to serve as an injectable dermal filler to fill in lines, wrinkles in the face and hands as well as treating acne scars. This treatment can be tailored to each individual patient and currently showing results that last 3-24 months. Clinical trails are planned to happen next year, and the filler is expected to come onto the market in 2022.

Silk Inc. cofounder Greg  Altman stated that, “Activated Silk, pure silk protein in liquid form, provides a multifaceted system with which we can create advanced product benefits. Our goal is to support the more precise control of swelling following injection, so that doctors can more accurately target problem areas during a procedure.”

Even though silk is made naturally, there is still risk of reactions. We have seen reactions in people who have had silk sutures but with that being said, this filler should have a much different structure than silk stitches. Hyaluronic acid fillers are so popular because they are safe and we already produce hyaluronic acid in our skin so that is a big reason why there is a low reaction rate.

New ideas, products and treatments will always be welcome in the world of aesthetics, but active and safe testing will need to be done to determine safety, proof of results and how they compare to current “tried and true” treatments currently on the market. It is exciting to live in a time where aesthetics is constantly growing and new options are becoming available.

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