Facelifts Becoming More Popular for Men & Women in their Forties

Plastic surgeons are reporting more men and women opting for facelift surgery in their forties versus waiting until later on in life. While this seems to be a young age for surgery, there are actually many great benefits to making this choice at an earlier stage in life for the appropriate patient(s).

People today are increasingly aware of their appearance and how they are aging over time. They look at their parents and those around them and anticipate the changes that their face will likely undergo as they age. With so many options available today for facial rejuvenation, men and women are educating themselves on available treatments to slow, and sometimes reverse, the aging process.

Despite having so many options, no laser or non-surgical treatment can accomplish the results that facelift surgery can. Therefore, surgeons are often recommending facelift surgery for optimal results. Many of these facelifts are less invasive options, such as a mini facelift or MACSlift, which is the preferred technique for an in-office lift by the surgeons at Utah Facial Plastics. Lasers and non-surgical treatments can provide minor to moderate results but are less predictable than facelift surgery when performed by an experienced, skilled surgeon.

Younger skin also does better with surgery in general. The elasticity and quality of the skin is greater when a patient is in their forties versus their sixties. This does not mean successful outcomes aren’t achieved later in life. It just means that the healing process tends to be quicker and easier with younger skin.

Most everyone wants to look like they have not had a facelift. They just want to look refreshed, well rested and like a better version of themselves. By having a facelift earlier in life, the change to one’s appearance is more subtle. Patients feel like they are able to really enjoy the results of their facelifts more at a younger age while they are likely more active and involved with their professional careers.

Of course, not every forty year old is going to need a facelift at an earlier age. Depending on each patient’s genetics and anatomy, they may not be at the point in the aging process where a facelift is recommended. Utah Facial Plastics offers a range of facial rejuvenating procedures to fit the needs and concerns of each individual patient.

Having a facelift in your forties could also end up saving money in the long-run. A facelift is going to correct lower face laxity, jowls, neck laxity and volume loss. While patients may still want Botox and filler after facelift surgery, much more filler is required to fully smooth lines and wrinkles without having a surgical procedure to lift and tighten the lower face.

There really is no “right” age to get a facelift, it really varies from patient to patient. Some may not feel mentally ready for a facelift in their forties and may not have the downtime to heal until their fifties or sixties. It’s best to come in for a complimentary consultation to determine what is best for you at any age. For more information, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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