Fresh Living: Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Sculptra


Caitlyn: One of our favorites from Utah Facial Plastics is here with us and Alfie, you’re always helping us keeping fresh, looking young, right?

Alfie: You guys make it easy.

Caitlyn: Thanks to you.

Kari: Oh my gosh. We just love you so much. Thank you.

Alfie: Thank you.

Kari: Okay, and thanks to sometimes they call Sculptra. Is this a new filler? Or has this been around for a while.

Alfie: It’s been around for a little while. This is more… instead of the HA fillers that we use like Voluma and all those… Juvederm. This is like the foundation. This restores the volume that we lose in our face as we age. Like, right in here.

Kari: Is this going to get rid of my jowls?

Alfie: Yeah, it helps your jowls. Yeah.

Caitlyn: Stop it. Stop it.

Kari: Everything shakes right here.

Caitlyn: Ok, why would someone use this instead of a regular? Or do you use both together? Do they do different things?

Alfie: Yeah. They do do different things. So this restores the volume the other ones sculpt it. So this is like the foundation. Like the framework of a mattress. It like pops that back out.

Kari: Oh…who is a good candidate for it?

Alfie: Anybody that has lost that volume…30’s, 40’s and anybody… really it’s just best to come in and get a consultation. A lot of people could use Sculptra just to like enhance or like restore what you’ve already lost.

Kari: Sure.

Caitlyn: I feel like a consultation is so important. We are looking at some photos right here. Because look at that. Everyone is different, right?

Alfie: Yeah.

Caitlyn: And we think I just want filler here but really you may be like actually this is a better option, you don’t need it cause  you know will look natural and help.

Alfie: Right. Yeah. And you want to restore naturally. You don’t want to look to round and this takes a series of treatments so you kind of do it slowly over time. So, you have to be patient with Sculptra. it’s totally worth it. It last longer, it lasts about two to three years.

Caitlyn: Oh, wow!

Kari: Two to three years. Okay, that was my next question. How long do most fillers last?

Alfie: Usually about a year.

Caitlyn: About a year…

Alfie: Yeah, about a year. This one lasts about two to three years.

Kari: Okay.

Alfie: Yeah. So its like you do a series of them and then you have a couple of years then you do a little bit of maintenance.

Kari: Can you combine it with other things like Botox and filler?

Alfie: Absolutely.

Kari: Do you have to separate those appointments?

Alfie: Yeah, you do. Well, Botox you can do the same day. But HA fillers you do another day.

Caitlyn: Ok, so I’m going to ask the question. Does it hurt and are there any risks involved?

Alfie: So, we do numb you. It’s actually pretty tolerable. We don’t even use needles, we use cannulas to help prevent swelling and bruising. There’s the same risks like technique is important. You need to go to someone that you trust and education is important.

So we are having these really great events coming up…We are having one in Layton on November 5th and one in South Jordan on the 7th. So people can call our office, it’s going to be a night of dinner. We are teaming up with Galderma, who’s going to be there to educate. We are going to do some fun giveaways, it’s going to be awesome.

Kari: Well, I think that the most important thing is to trust somebody that is a professional. It always scares me hearing about these places adding on these services for you when you need to go to a board-certified plastic surgeon and professionals like you guys.

Alfie: Yeah. Cheap… it’s like cheap and sushi. Cheap and Botox and cheap and filler don’t belong.

Kari: it doesn’t work.

Caitlyn: It’s you face! You need to make sure you are taking care of it and putting it in the right hands.

Alfie: Yes.

Caitlyn: Okay, so where can people get more information about you guys?

Alfie: So, our website is or call our office at (801) 776-2220.

Kari: And follow their Instagram page, @utahfacialplastics. They’re always doing deals and giveaways and its so fun to get ideas and you can see like the latest and greatest on there, I love it.

Caitlyn: And do what you want, right?! Whatever makes you feel good. You guys are here to help.

Alfie: And I’ll tell you no if I need to.

Kari: That’s what we love about you, Alfie. Thank you for joining us today.

Alfie: Thank you! So good to see you.

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