PODCAST: 3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Today

Jenny: Welcome to another episode of Facial Aesthetics Unmasked. Today we are talking about the three most popular facial cosmetic procedures according to last years statistics from ASPS. And it’s interesting there’s new things that are popping up all the time but it’s kind of tried and true procedures that are out there.

Reagan: I just looking at…Reagan Leadbetter here along with Nicea DeGering.

Nicea: Hi, Reagan.

Jenny: Oh, I didn’t… I didn’t introduce you…

Reagan: I just want them to know whose voices are talking.

Jenny: From Good Things Utah, Reagan Leadbetter, Nicea DeGering and the amazing Dr. Scott Thompson.

Reagan: 845%increase in Botox and filler since 2000. That’s nuts!

Jenny: It is pretty crazy.

Reagan: Is your office full all the time?

Jenny: That’s just Botox. Filler…

Nicea: Yes, their office is full all the time.

Jenny: Botox is… I feel like it’s almost like getting your hair done. It’s like everybody is doing it.

Reagan: I agree.

Jenny: You might not know. People aren’t maybe always talking about it. A lot of people are but its just kind of a standard.

Nicea: To me, it’s funny because I think more people talk about it than not.

Jenny: Yeah, yeah.

Nicea: Could that be because you and I do though…because you and I talk about it all the time. It inspires people to say, me too.

Reagan: So Kiki, our good friend and my personal trainer she has smaller lips. She is turning 50 this year and for some reason I feel like she doesn’t like to talk about anything she’s done. She’s done a little bit of Botox, but she really wanted a little bit plumper upper lip. It didn’t even really have wrinkles, she just wanted a little bit of plumpness. So she went in and saw Alfie and Alfie is so great too, like Dr. Thompson.

Jenny: She trained with Dr. Thompson.

Reagan: Well, that’s exactly who taught her. When I just want that little bit that just… its almost not noticeable like you can’t really tell. So she didn’t tell any of her clients but she did tell me. And I thought it was interesting that she didn’t want to talk about it with anyone but she felt… this smile on her face, she felt so happy with her barely little pouty upper lip.

Jenny: Because when you don’t have any lips, speaking from experience…you just any little something something makes you go ooo look at me go. Look at my juiciness. And you are actually talking about the number 2 most popular cosmetic treatments. We talked about Botox…fillers. And where are people putting fillers? Beside lips, where else?

Jenny: Everywhere…

Dr. Thompson: I think the lips has become one of the most popular places to put filler because of a lot of what we’ve seen on social media. And it used to be, okay I need lift for my nasolabial fold. That’s really where they started filler for nasolabial folds…

Jenny: Smile lines around the mouth.

Dr. Thompson: Smile lines from around the mouth, nasolabial folds. But now, I think that the benefit… we talked previously about general facial volume loss. It happens everywhere. I happens in the temples. This is something ill actually point out to people when they come in and say, “What do you see?” I say, you know what you look a little bit hollow in this temple region and it makes you look less youthful if you’re hollow there because we lose that with time. It’s better if its kind of smooth and…

Reagan: Its surprising what a difference that makes. I’ve seen before and afters of those and I cannot believe how much, just younger the temple can make you look with a little volume.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, and it’s very rare that someone comes to me and says, Hey , I think I need some fillers in  my temples. But I actually do recommend that on a fairly regular basis when I see it because it’s just something that they’re not focused on, they don’t see that it can really make a huge difference.

Nicea: Dr. Thompson was sweet and he called it hollowing, I said I look like skeletor.

Reagan: I saw photos, I wasn’t talking about…

Nicea: You can talk about me!

Dr. Thompson: I’ve seen photos…

Nicea: I am willing to talk about everything and anything.

Reagan: But, she did it and I could not believe the difference in her face. I mean it just… you looked so much more youthful and I wouldn’t have known.

Nicea: The hollowing, the thinning…Why can’t it go in an area that I like it to?

Reagan: Yeah, its inner thigh that I want…

Nicea: Yeah! I have a spot I’d like you to hollow, but it’s not happening so instead… it does! My face I’ve noticed probably in the last 8 years, I’ve really seen a difference in my temples. In my cheeks! If you had volume in your cheeks, I’ve never had a lot of volume but I have a smaller face and it went quickly.

Jenny: Especially when you’re active.

Nicea: That’s true.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, you workout, your active. You don’t have a lot of body fat and it does go away in the face just naturally and the more challenging thing is sometimes I see people come in and they actually do have a fair amount of fat, other areas of their bodies they’re frustrated by and nothing in their face. So, thats always frustrating for people because that is an aging feature when you don’t have that fullness and volume.

Reagan: I love it because we’ve talked on other podcasts about Dr. Thompson and just his conservative nature and he asks your concerns firsts, and what you like and what you want to look at and what you would like to see change and I have lips but I just wanted them a tiny little bit plumper, just more plump. If you will.

Jenny: It’s fun!

Reagan: Yeah, because I thought it was fun and so many men out there going oh, I will. Oh, I will. But I love it because his precious, sweet personality is conservative and I know he injects my lips and he gets his face back and looks and he was like… this smile on his face after injecting. He was proud. Like this, yeah.

Jenny: He’s an artist!

Reagan: I like them!

Nicea: He’s an artist, more kissable.

Reagan: Go with that, yeah.

Jenny: Luscious. They don’t need to be huge, he just makes them a little luscious.

Nicea: Can you also put filler… who was I talking to? Was it yesterday about it. Look at my under-eye. Its hollowing out. Is that the tear duct area?

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, tear trough.

Nicea: Tear trough.

Reagan: My sister calls it the tear trough transforming.

Dr. Thompson: Wow.

Reagan: She’s like, ‘it’s not fine’.

Dr. Thompson: That is actually the official term that we use for it. So its funny that she says that.

Reagan: Yeah, I thought she was making it up. It does make a difference in her too though. She had hollowing and some darkness and it plumped it up.

Nicea: So you use that if you have lines under your eyes or if that tear duct hollows out?

Dr. Thompson: It’s more if its hollow underneath. The lines are more of something like a skin pinch where you remove a little bit of excess skin or do a laser. Hollows can be challenging because they’re not only hollow and shadowed, but sometimes they’re dark and the filler doesn’t really fix that. And so, filler is a good option there but its not perfect. And sometimes I recommend fat grafting in that area because that can actually be more effective than filler. but, yeah it’s a tough area.

Reagan: Can we talk about fillers because I feel like a long time ago you only heard Juvederm and now you hear all these like Juvederm and Restylane…

Jenny: Sculptra.

Reagan: And Sculptra.

Jenny: Yeah.

Reagan: There’s a lot out there now.

Jenny: And new ones are coming out every month.

Dr. Thompson: It is amazing. You know, we can’t even keep up with all the new fillers ourselves. There are always new fillers coming out and I guess the summary statement I would make there is that the fillers have gotten much more specific to certain treatments. Juvederm or Restylane those are kind of like the bread and butter general purpose filler that you can use anywhere. And we still use those. But now for example we use Volbella which is specifically lip filler. It’s a little softer and and I love it for the lips because it just creates this softness and smoothness that we didn’t quite get with Juvederm. And so, it is confusing and I think every practitioner has their favorites but we do have the advantage now , you mentioned the comment about eight hundred and whatever percentage increase. The reason for that is because we really didn’t have these options back in 2000 or they were very, very limited. That includes Botox, that includes fillers. And now, even when I did my training there was once filler, Juvederm… two fillers, Juvederm… three. Radiesse, Restylane. Three fillers. That’s pretty much what we had to work with. And now, we have so many variations of all these fillers and they can be confusing.

Jenny: And different neurotoxins…other than Botox.

Dr. Thompson: Yes.

Jenny: A new one just came out… Yeah, called Jeuveau.

Nicea: Should you ask for one over another? Should you say, I like this or do you let your doctor tell you which is best for which area?

Reagan: Do you let your Dr. Thompson tell you what’s best for this area.

Nicea: Yes, because that’s what I do. Do I say, “I’d like Radiesse right here?” Or no? Do you decide?

Dr. Thompson: Yeah. Well, it maybe comes from experience. I have had people come in and say, hey, you know I had Juvederm here and I had Restylane. And I like Restylane better… But most people are just, they just want my advice. And I try to direct them in what I think might be the best for them.

Jenny: What you’ve had the most success with… for that particular area…

Reagan: Well, and it’s interesting because some people it can last a really long time. And other people their face eats it.

Dr. Thompson: It’s so true.  And I’ve had a lot of people come and I  guess i would make a comment, if you don’t think something lasts that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t last because I think sometimes people either don’t get what they were told they got or maybe it was injected with the best technique. And so, i have had so many patients come in and say, “Well, you know Botox doesn’t work for me.” Or it only works for 3 months. And I say, let’s just try it one more time. And I feel like 90 plus percent of the time they come back and say, “I love Botox.” A lot of times it’s just maybe a different amount, or it just needed to be injected with a proper technique. And one other comment, just… when people come in we just have so many options of things that we can offer them now. And Botox is number one because it’s a simple procedure and it makes a big difference and it works every time. You know, and people tell me Botox doesn’t work on me. I usually just injected them and they’re like yeah, it works. Or sometimes I will try a different one. There are rare examples of where it doesn’t work. But, even me who has kind of a small town, farming background and would have never ever had Botox if I wouldn’t have gone into this specialty. I’m on the website now, you know…

Reagan: Because you are happy with your results!

Jenny: His before and afters are officially on the website.

Nicea: Really?!

Dr. Thompson: I have four brothers who will never listen to this podcast but they all have a lot more wrinkles than I do and I’m the oldest, so… they’re missing out.

Jenny: Everybody… yeah. Everybody thinks you’re a little baby.

Reagan: When should you be getting a chemical peel? Like every month?

Jenny: Yeah, so chemical peels… third most popular. There are so many skin treatments, lasers and different things. So it’s interesting chemical peels are still. I mean, they’ve been around for how long?

Dr. Thompson: Chemical peels have been around since the beginning of resurfacing and they’re still tried and true as they always were. They don’t get as much attention because there aren’t a lot of companies pushing them because they’re inexpensive…

Jenny: It’s not a $150,000 laser.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, it’s not a big machine where somebody is going to make a lot of money off selling it. And so, they’re under-appreciated for sure and we are big proponents of chemical peel in our office. We have several aestheticians and sometimes you just sit down with them and kind of come up with a regimen.

Chemical peels are great because there’s typically no downtime. But they make a huge difference over time. I always compare it to brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth for you know, a month you’re not going to notice any difference. But over a year, you’re probably going to start losing your teeth. Again, you take good care of your skin and it will pay off over time, and I’ve seen that so many times. People I had nothing to do with but they tell me, hey I’ve been doing retinol for 20 years and that’s why I know when I look at them that their skin looks so god.

Jenny: Yeah. Or I did a series of chemical peels and then I kind of kept up with them you know, once or twice a year. It just kinda depends on what your aesthetician recommends.

Reagan: because it strips off that top layer?

Jenny: Yeah, it helps with resurfacing. There are all different kinds.

Reagan: What about fine lines?

Dr. Thompson: Cell turnover…

Jenny: Yeah, fine lines, pigmentation…

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, just general skin texture.

Reagan: Okay.

Jenny: Some are stronger than others. For me, if I’m going to do a peel I’m like… ‘I just want to peel everything off’.

Reagan: Right.

Jenny: Some people are like, ‘I want no peeling’, SO we have one that’s pretty popular, it’s the bridal peel. It’s the one with no down time. You’re pretty radiant within a day or two.  And that’s been super popular lately but….

Reagan: What do you recommend for a skin regimen like when people come in because i know you have wonderful products there too. What do you… is specific for each person?  Or do you have a general…

Jenny: Yeah. Well there are some… yeah. Some kind of mainstay like a sunscreen.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, there are basic things that every skin regimen should have. Sunscreen, something with an antioxidant, and sometimes we talk about growth factors and peptides, vitamin C, vitamin E, there are all sorts of different things. And there is not one right recipe for everyone and that’s why I’m usually referring people to may aestheticians because they will sit down and kind of go through all the options. If you have a darker complexion to your skin, or a lighter complexion to your skin, or if you oiler skin, or thicker skin you’re going to have different recommendations. But there are basic things that everyone should be doing. The thing we mentioned about sun is probably one of the most important things.

Jenny: And, you know, a quality sunscreen. Not just your Neutrogena that you buy at the grocery store. It’s not going to be the same that you would get medical.

Dr. Thompson: Zinc. And there are multiple studies that keep coming out and some of the more popular sunscreens… I read an article just a month of so ago and they were just saying that some of these are actually harmful to your skin. So basically you should have something that is a sun block. Which zinc or titanium those are the really critical ingredients to any sunblock.

Nicea: Reagan is sunburned right now so she is not going to weigh in.

Reagan: I am so irresponsible.

Dr. Thompson: A little sun every once in a while

Jenny: I tiny bit of vitamin D.

Reagan: I was going to say, I’m coming in Thursday…I need a chemical peel and I need to buy some sunscreen.

Jenny: There are some amazing tinted ones that you put on in the morning and you don’t need anything else. You got your sunscreen, you’ve got your makeup and it looks amazing. Yeah, there’s an Elta MD one that kind of our current favorite.

Nicea: And I’m coming on Friday because I tried to schedule not by you. Whatever, I didn’t know you were going Thursday.

Reagan: No, I just decided.

Nicea: Oh, you just made that appointment?!

Reagan: Jenny! Wink, wink I’m coming Thursday.

Jenny: Got it.

Nicea: Well, I’m scheduled Friday to get a chemical peel. I want one because you just had one and I was horribly jealous. Dr. Thompson and I discussed this because he said, your skin looks great, but what maintenance are we doing.

And you’re right. Even though your skin looks great, doesn’t mean that you should be planning something to keep it looking great.

Jenny: And chemical peels are inexpensive…

Reagan: Can I do a chemical peel on my hands?

Jenny: Yes, you totally can.

Reagan: That’s what I need.

Jenny: It can help the pigmentation, there’s different skin care…

Reagan: What about my neck?

Jenny: Yeah, neck and décolleté.

Reagan: Yes!

Jenny: People will do a lot.

Reagan: I want all of that.

Jenny: So, yeah they’re not super expensive and they’re awesome.

Dr. Thompson: I have been preaching these kinds of regimens for a long time and not practicing anything I preach. My office will laugh about this because Jess is always sending something home and telling me I need to use this.

Jenny: New product to try.

Dr. Thompson: She even has stuff in her desk and when I come in she’s like put this on.

Jenny: Go try this. That’s the good thing about our estheticians though. They try everything, we all do and then we are like okay, this is the one that works.

Dr. Thompson: I will say, I finally got in the habit of the HA5 under-eye…

Jenny: SkinMedica, yeah…

Dr. Thompson: I finally got in the habit of putting that one everyday when I was just kinda just doing my normal routine. And then it wasn’t a big deal, it took me two seconds and I finally started doing it.

Reagan: Is it a moisturizer or sunscreen?

Dr. Thompson: I’m happy about this.

Jenny: It’s a hydrator versus a moisturizer.

Reagan: HA5…

Jenny: Hyaluronic acid

Nicea: Should we try that?

Reagan: We should try that!

Dr. Thompson: One of my aestheticians told me I should use it.

Jenny: HA5 is super popular. It feels amazing.

Nicea: Dr. Thompson you really are genetically fabulously youthful.

Reagan: You look forty.

Nicea: You do!

Reagan: How old are you?

Dr. Thompson: I’m almost 50. I’m not in my fifties.

Jenny: Most people do not think you’re even old enough to be performing surgeries. Like you’re not old enough to be out of medical school.

Reagan: He’s like 38 to 40. You have a very youthful face.

Nicea: We ID’d him before he started this podcast. Get your ID out. We are having Jelly Beans and water. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Reagan: Could you go to a bar? And could you perform surgery? We want to know.

Nicea: Nobody better to do it. Nobody better. Thank you for taking care of Reagan and I.

Dr. Thompson: It’s my privilege, really. It really is. Thank you.

Jenny: We also do want to mention though these are the three popular treatments and we talk about all these different products, they are not all created equal from one place to another. And you kind of touched on that a little bit with Botox not working for somebody, somewhere they go. Some people Groupon their Botox and think its the same and they’ll price shop and hop around and I think that’s where you could get into a little bit of trouble. Or waste your money.

Dr. Thompson: That happens so many times where people will come in and they based their decision… I’m pretty sure more on price than on quality. Usually, it doesn’t pay off.

Jenny: And we do… we also see people that will kind of hop and they will end up coming back.  They’ll get sucked into a deal somewhere else but it you stick to the same injector they know your face, you’ve got the system down and it’s just better that way. Yeah…

Nicea: Dr. Thompson is humble because he said, maybe it’s just that technique was different. No. You know how to do the job right.

Reagan: It was wrong. It was wrong. They didn’t put it in the right way. They didn’t do it right.

Jenny: It was under done or over done.

Reagan: I agree.

Nicea: Yeah, I won’t let you be humble about it.

Jenny: Or there’s black market product…people could be buying this stuff from China. You know, you want to make sure.

Reagan: Well, if you go to Utah Facial Plastics you know you’re getting the right products.

Jenny: Absolutely, you are.

To learn more about all the different options you can visit us at utahfacialplastics.com and we’ve got all these wonderful different treatments that you can learn more about or give us a call.

Dr. Thompson: Or come in and see our aestheticians or nurses. It’s not just Dr. Henstrom, we have a big team.

Jenny: We’ve got a big crew and we love what we do. So thanks for joining us.

Reagan: We love you guys. We love all y’all.

Jenny: All y’all… see you Thursday and Friday.

Reagan: We’ll be there. Thanks, Jenny.


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