Facial Aesthetics PODCAST: Bloggers and Botox

Jenny: Welcome to Facial Aesthetics Unmasked. We’re here today with Alfie and Jeanna, both nurse injectors at Utah Facial Plastics.

Alfie: Hello!

Jeanna: Hello!

Jenny: And we are super excited to have @Momcrushmonday with us, Destiny Green.

Destiny: Yes! Hey, everybody!

Jenny: And it’s kind of… I feel like this topic I just wanted to make it something like a little inside…

Alfie: ooo la la…

Jenny: Not… I mean it is titled bloggers and Botox but we want details on blogger life, a little bit about how you got started…

Destiny: Okay.

Jenny: We’ve known you for a while.. well i’ll just… ill just…

Destiny: We have known each other forever. Its fine. So yeah, I will tell you how I got started as an influencer. I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and I got started really in the children’s buy, sell, trade space with my daughter. I would dress her up in these really expensive clothes. I think the first onesie that I bought her was $45. And i was like I don’t know how I am going to afford dressing her like this everyday but, I’m going to make it work. So, that kind of led to brands reaching out to me. Me kind of wanting to just showcase our lifestyle. So naturally there’s just a lot of bloggers in Utah so…

Jenny: I know! Its blogger capital.

Destiny: It’s blogger capital…

Jenny: It really is though, right? It’s not just because we live in Utah, so we feel like its blogger capital?

Destiny: You know, It’s very just like Pinterest. It’s like a big Pinterest board. Like it’s beautiful here, there’s like the mountains and all that stuff. I think people here are just creatives by nature.

Jenny: They are creative.

Jeanna: Everything kind of looks pretty. So it’s naturally why we do really well with Botox here.

Alfie: Absolutely.

Destiney: Hair, lashes. They say Hollywood, but I say Utah girls are up there. They have their stuff together.

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: You’re probably right. So you got started dressing her, cute Honor.

Destiny: Cute little Honor.

Jenny: In expensive onesie.

Destiny: I put her in expensive onesies and just changed my Instagram name to @momcrushmondays which I think helped a little bit of my success.

Jenny: So how did you come up with that name? You’ve probably been asked this a million times but…

Alfie: I’ve never asked you.

Jenny: I want to know and we haven’t had time to ask you. Well, I haven’t in the office.

Destiny: Yes! So really I had a girlfriend and was just kind of brainstorming with her about my brand and strategy and I was like I don’t really know what I’m doing here but you know it seems like it’s going to be a fun thing, a fun new hobby. And she was like why don’t you go with the name momcrushmonday? And I was like wow, like that’s amazing.

Jenny: it is amazing.

Destiny: So you know when you look up a name and you think it’s going to be gone because it was that great and it was available so I got it and now I’ve never looked back.

Alfie: And momcrushmonday was born.

Destiny: And momcrushmonday was born. I mean I had to get it trademarked, it’s been a thing.

Jenny: Wow! Okay, so how long has it been now? Because how long have you been seeing Alfie? I’m trying to even remember since we first connected.

Destiny: Oh my gosh… 2016?

Alfie: 2015, 16. Yeah.

Destiny: 2015, 16 it’s been an on and off relationship but we’re back for good.

Jenny: We’re so happy! Okay, we totally have to talk about that.

Destiny: Absolutely. Yeah, so @momcrushmonday was born and I’ve been on Instagram for about 4,5 years. My blog is 2 years, 2 year anniversary. So, I’m new to the blogging space. But influencer, content creator 4 or 5 years.

Jenny: Which it seems like influencer… do people get a lot of traffic on the blog?

Destiny: We do. I would love to kind of boost our views and readership on the blog but you know people aren’t reading as much. Video is the hot thing, podcasting is really good right now and so I think we are leaning more towards going in that space of just the Youtube world.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s how I feel. I’m like I don’t have time to scroll the page. I just need like a quick.

Alfie: That’s so sad.

Destiny: And on Instagram everyone just wants to stop the scroll. Like you have to stop the scroll because people will literally keep scrolling and that’s disarming for us who spend so much time on content creation.

Alfie: For sure.

Jenny: I can’t even imagine. I can’t even imagine.

Destiny: I’m so glad to be here chatting with you ladies.

Alfie: I know. And it’s been so fun to watch you grow over the years, you know?

Jenny: Yeah!

Alfie: You were really kind of the starting. Not as an influencer but like you’ve grown a lot since I started working with you.

Destiny: Yeah, a lot a lot.

Alfie: So proud of you.

Destiny: Thank you!

Alfie: Amazing.

Destiny: Yeah.

Jenny: How far into the process did you decide Botox?

Destiny: So it wasn’t very far into the process at all for me. When I… you know when I started working with photographers, which is a big thing. You’re a blogger, you want high resolution photos and so I would get my photos back and I would just look at them like theres smile lines and theres wrinkles on my forehead and I’m only 26.

Jenny: 26…

Destiny: 26 and so what is going on… I wasn’t happy with the images when I was getting them back. And so, you know its like you have to have your clothes on point. Like your outfits need to look nice and your hair needs to look nice and your nails and it was like I had my makeup on but theres these parts of my face I didn’t like. Like or it just wasn’t resonating with me with having to put in all this extra work, everything that goes on behind the scenes like most people don’t see as bloggers.

Jenny: Right.

Destiny: So it wasn’t very far. I would say it took me like 3 or 4 months and I was like we need to get some Botox.

Jenny: Time for Botox.

Destiny: Time for Botox.

Jenny: Then how did you kind of find us, figure out like hey, I want to see Alfie.

Destiny: I’ll be honest with you. I found you from Jessakae.

Jenny: We love her!

Destiny: Jessa used to shoot my photos all the time and she recommended me to y’all.

Jenny: That’s usually how it goes. Recommendations…

Jeanna: Work of mouth.

Jenny: Slip in into our DMs.

Destiny: Absolutely. And I think @happilyeverallen yes.

Jenny: Yes, aren’t they super cute?

Alfie: Super cute! Love her too.

Jenny: So what did you kind of think of like I’m 26 but I need Botox. Do you think you had a minute where you were like, oh what am I thinking or what are people going to think? Or…

Destiny: For me it was more so I knew that it doesn’t last forever. I’m going to need to get a touch and so if i didn’t like it I knew it would just wear off naturally. So that wasn’t of importance. It was more so kind of what people would think.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: I think more than anything and how it would look. Is it going to be a frozen look, am I going to still have wrinkles? Am I going to have to go back? So,I think connecting with the right injector was really important to just be completely honest and frank with you.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: Yeah, so i think the stigma of what people think about… its not plastic surgery, right?

Alfie: no.

Destiny: It’s injections.

Jenny: It’s called plastic surgery and so I think… because I work with the bloggers. And I think there’s a wide range of people that I have feel out their comfort level where they’re like I will come in and I can tag you but I don’t want to say Botox. Or I’ll say I got a skin treatment… But some people will say I’ll come in for a facelift and tell everybody, you know. It really… how do you decide where you’re going to fit into that?

Destiny: Yeah, I think for me and my brand I co-parent, I do a lot of things that society would be like oh, wow that’s kind of like a scary thing to talk about. I like to talk about the cabin things because no one is talking about it.

Jenny: Which is why you’re such an authentic, fun follow. You have to be authentic now. You can’t just do curated images and it’s going to be interesting.

Destiny: Right. How many women genuinely behind their screens of scrolling have thought about getting Botox or lip fillers, or whatever

Jenny: Oh, yeah!

Destiny: Or anything they wanted to fix, right?

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: So, for me…

Jenny: 99 percent.

Destiny: 99.9. So, for me I just love talking about it. I feel like my followers and my audience really confide in what I’m talking about and I’ve had actual people fly in to come to Utah Facial Plastics from different states. And so, they’re really just all about what I’m doing, who I’m working with.

Alfie: Right. And that’s been fun.

Jenny: I know.

Jeanna: They trust you.

Alfie: If you’re going to be an influencer and a blogger I mean you should be able to trust those people. I think it’s great.

Destiny: Absolutely.Yeah. And if it’s not for somebody they can unfollow. Its very easy to do. So if that makes people uncomfortable, it rubbed someone the wrong way, I may not just be the blogger for you.

Jenny: I know. Did that make you nervous when you were first being open about it? Like am i going to lose followers once…

Destiny: No. I actually had… I don’t know who it was but like Popsugar or some big publication said you’re one of the only like black women, and that’s another thing. Is like women of color really don’t do these things. you know, like maybe they don’t need it because they age different or whatever. But, this one needs it. Like I need it, I’m going to get it and I’m not going to be… I think more so the stigma behind women of color. Not so much, you know what I mean? Other women… its women of color. You don’t need that, you’re too young for that, what is that going to do, black doesn’t crack.

Jenny: Yeah. I wasn’t going to say I’m not going to say it!

Destiney: And black sometimes cracks!

Alfie: And it’s true you guys have beautiful skin! You age better than us.

Jeanna: Very true.

Destiney: And it’s true and all but black sometimes does crack.

Alfie: And it is preventative as well. When it’s done right, people don’t know that you’ve done it. You know? Its keeping you looking the same and still authentic you.

Jeanna: Yeah, just slowing the clock down a little.

Alfie: Just slowing down that clock.

Destiny: I look like five years younger.

Alfie: Yeah.

Destiny: I’m there for it.

Alfie: Yeah, it does take some years off for sure.

Jenny: So, I was going to talk a little bit about… there’s a little bit of controversy about how Botox patients are getting younger and younger. And is it because…how kind of the selfie craze has drivin…

Destiny: I blame Snapchat.

Jenny: Do you?! That’s the thing… do you blame Snapchat? And do you think that is positive or negative? Cause we talk about the pros and cons and I think there’s both. But i’d love to get your input.

Alfie: Yeah, I think its negative as far as young girls thinking that that’s how you’re supposed to look.

Jenny: Which, did you hear about the recent update with Instagram?

Alfie: No.

Jenny: Have you heard about this?

Destiny: There’s so many Instagram updates.

Jenny: This one… I’m sure I don’t know all of them like you do but i know this one. Because it impacts of industry. but they have changed it so that any type of plastic surgery as well as skinny time teas like companies pages that promote those things, they’re at least blocked for people under 18, which I think is great.

Alfie: I think that is great.

Destiny: Censorship.

Jenny: Censorship and overall it’s just impacting our industry in general. Not even under 18 but we’re with the algorithm we’re not showing up as much as much as other things. We are getting less followers, I think it’s harder to get your before and afters seen. And for us we’re just promoting our good work. But a lot of people are like oh, I don’t want to see this and feel the pressure to be wrinkle feel.

Alfie: Yeah, Yeah. It’s definitely changing.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s definitely changing.

Jeanna: I think Snapchat too. It has created a lot of unrealistic expectations. I’ll have young girls come in with a picture and they want to look like the Snapchat filter.

Jenny: Yeah…

Jeanna: And I have to explain to them because they really feel like that’s how the person looks and they want to look like that. I have to explain to them, you know that’s a filter. Nobody’s look like that.

Jenny: Nobody looks like that.

Alfie: Nobody looks airbrushed like that, yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yeah, that is hard.

Jenny: It used to magazines.

Alfie: I think it’s more important now than ever to like raise our children and teach our kids and even our young women and influencer that you know, that they need to love themselves. And change is good if its you know, affecting your self esteem and that kind of thing. You know, I’ve dealt with kids because bullying and things like that. I made a positive change for them in their lives. But we really need to focus on them like loving themselves inside and out. You know, kind of thing.

Jeanna: And not make sure a hug emphasizes where they just focus on that.

Alfie: I mean even as an injector, as a mom doing this for a living.

Jenny: Yeah, how old is your daughter now?

Alfie: She’s 13.

Jenny: So, that’s like…

Alfie: Yeah and…

Jenny: and it’s something you think about.

Alfie: Yeah. You know I’m proud of her because she because she washes her face every morning and every night. She has really good routine and she’s taking care of her skin.  I never did that when I was a kid. I was laying out in baby oil and…

Destiny: Catching those rays.

Alfie: Right.

Jeanna: All the sun damage…

Alfie: It’s good that we are teaching them how to take care of their skin and the right things to do.

Jenny: Which is also partly social media.

Alfie: Yes.

Jenny: People are noticing wrinkles more and people are being open about it like you. So, people are doing more to prevent them at a younger age. So, positive.

Alfie: Positive.

Jenny: And also yeah it can be taken too far.

Alfie: Well, yeah. I have to tell my daughter you know like I do lip injections and that you have beautiful lips and all of that kind of thing. But we have open conversations about it and really you’ve got to become and adult and you gotta make your own decisions. But, just love yourself the way that you are.

Jeanna: I think shielding it at a younger age can allow themselves to grow up and then start looking into these things when they’re older, when they are aging.

Jenny: Right.

Jeanna: but definitely sheltering then a little bit while they’re younger. At least that’s what I try to do with my daughter.

Jenny: Yeah, because how old is your daughter? You’ve got this too.

Jeanna: She’s 10 and she doesn’t necessarily know what Botox and fillers are but she’ll go around telling all her friend that that’s what I do and everything. But she doesn’t know much about it.

Destiny: She’s out there reppin for her mom, I love that.

Alfie: Yeah, that’s how my son is.

Jeanna: Yeah, she is. She’s like i don’t know what it is but thats what she does.

Jenny: My mom does Botox. Do you get some fun questions?

Jeanna: For sure. More like so you do Botox? Your daughter told me that.

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: Good… I’m glad she had that conversation with you.

Jenny: That is so funny.

Alfie: You just show up like no, I just get Botox… just kidding.

Jenny: That is so awesome. So that’s the recent change on Instagram. Which is totally good.

Alfie: It is.

Jenny: But people can report your page which is also great. A lot of full body plastic surgery pages, I mean these women…they’ve barely got their nipples blurred and it shows everything. But i get behind that is a surgeon just showing his work or you know somebody…

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: that works for him are like look at these great results. See somebody who’s qualified if you want a boob job. But at the same time ill catch myself scrolling and my kids will be behind me and they’re like, mom! Those are boobs, what are you looking at?!

Alfie: Or like the rally graphic surgeries or whatever.

Jenny: yeah.

Alfie: Thats funny.

Jenny: So, it’s just kind of a yeah…interesting world. Have you had comments from followers or other bloggers about being like a negative or sounds like you had some positive ones.

Destiny: Yeah. Being in the blogging world today I think everyone more so is respecting everyone’s differences.

Jenny: Which is good.

Destiny: Really just learning to scroll if you don’t agree with something it’s ok. You just don’t need to voice your opinion on it and just keep it moving and it’s not going to hurt you either way to do so. So I really haven’t had much negative…

Alfie: That’s great.

Destiny: backlash from it. I think more positive that anything. When I post, I get 20, 30 DMS. Like hey, did it hurt? Where can I get it done? Can I fly to Utah? It’s just more so like them really wanting to get more information so they feel comfortable about going for their first appointment.

Jenny: Right.

Destiny: Yeah.

Jenny: Right. Which is helpful because you do wonder all that stuff. You don’t want to necessarily hear it from the company, you want to hear it from somebody behind the scenes.

Destiny: Yeah. Can I just say that I don’t know if I, If I didn’t go to the blogger party, or like a Botox party to get my first injections I personally don’t know… I think I would have been one of those people to just message.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: And never have got it done because i didn’t put myself in that environment. By me putting myself in an environment of a Botox party, it made it less scary.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: I guess… and everybody was getting it done.

Jenny: That’s a good point.

Destiny: Well, I can’t leave this party without just trying it. Like I said it’s going to wear off, I don’t have to keep doing it if I don’t want to , I’m going to try it.

Jenny: So it was peer pressure?

Destiny: A little peer pressure but also just like putting myself in an environment… I didn’t make an appointment with an injector first.

Jenny: It’s more comfortable.

Destiny: It’s more comfortable. I think that more women should maybe should try to do a Botox party if they’re a little scared or on edge.

Jenny: You’re right. Or bring your friends.

Jeanna: Or bring your friends in with you, maybe?

Jenny: Yeah, do a little Botox together.

Jeanna: So I have a question. Before you ever had Botox or silver, did you know much about it? Did you know the differences or Botox or filler? A lot of people come in and they don’t know the difference.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s true.

Destiny: That’s very true. I knew nothing. I just remember the injector telling me it’s as safe as drinking Coca Cola and I’m like I’m sold. You know, and that’s all her needed to say.

Jenny: Is that an extreme? Would you say it’s as safe as Coca Cola? Can Coca Cola cause blindness?

Jeanna: I mean coke can be pretty bad for ya.

Destiny: I mean I don’t know there’s people who drink Coke their whole life…

Alfie: I think people have like a negative condonation of Botox. It’s a purified protein, though it’s not you know its not bad for you. Its purified, your body breaks it down naturally. Those muscles are consistently creating those new synopsis to start flexing again, i guess and working again. So that’s why it wears off.

Destiny: I love it. And I love that there’s a podcast getting this knowledge out because this wasn’t around, you know pre 26. When I was just chilling at a Botox party. This is very informative for maybe the women who doesn’t have a group of friends or won’t be invited to the Botox party and still just come in and book with Alfie.

Jenny: That’s true.


Destiny: Or my sweet friend over here.


Jenny: That’s true. That’s part of why they’re probably getting a little bit younger. There’s more things like this making it more comfortable, less stigma. What do we think about Allergan the makers of Botox… earlier this year there was a little controversy about it… they paid influencers and were contributing a lot more of their marketing dollars to the millennial age versus it’s typically been something for older women. So some people were a little upset about that but at the same time Allergan was saying, well this is the demographic wanting it.

Alfie: It is… they are. And it is. It is the younger ones, you know. In my twenties I didn’t really care about my skin, I wish I did though.

Jenny: I do too.

Jeanna: We didn’t have the knowledge then to know this is all prevention and how well it works.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yeah. I think it’s great. You know, I’ve said this a million times… if you feel good about yourself on the outside, you feel better about yourself on the inside too. It works inside and out and outside and in just as well. You know, If you feel good about yourself during the day you’re going to be a better…

Jenny: Right.

Alfie: So the millennials, yeah. I think that… yeah I think that’s good. And its preventative, they’re not needing like as many units as we’re doing.

Jenny: Right.

Alfie: You know?

Destiny: Cool little 15… 12… in there.

Alfie: you’re still in there, boo. Yours are like way low.

Destiny: My units are going down and I’m happy about it.

Alfie: Exactly.

Jenny: I know that’s good. Ours are just going up.

Alfie: Occupational hazard.

Jeanna: Because there are more areas to treat. So, we keep adding on.

Jenny: That’s part of that education. Its like ooo… I can… well let’s talk about common areas for Botox. We can talk, you know. Why don’t we educate on that. There’s probably some areas that people don’t realize.

Alfie: Yeah, usually the upper…

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: So, the main areas are the elevens, between your eyebrows. Across your forehead and then the crows feet, around your eyes I would say those are the most common.

Alfie: Absolutely.

Jeanna: But some that people don’t know about are the dimpling in the chin… the orange peel chin.

Jenny: yeah…

Jeanna: you can relax that with Botox.

Alfie: The jaw… the masseter muscle to… for TMJ.

Jeanna: Yup and even for slimming your face…

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: with it.

Alfie: Gummy smile.

Jeanna: platysmal bands. So in the neck with age you’ll notice those little bands.

Jenny: Oh I love this.

Destiny: ooo… I am starting to get those.

Jenny: Alf did that last week and it is my favorite. Because I used to feel when I kind of turn to the side they would just start popping out.

Destiny: Let me see those things over there.

Jenny: Well now, I have to try really hard to get the other ones we didn’t Botox out. But it really… Im… I have to think about it. Im almost 38 and those suckers are coming.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: A little Botox.

Jeanna: And they pull down on your jawline, you  know? Kind of giving you a little bit of a double chin. So I love that area.

Jenny: Yes.

Alfie: And then the gummy smile like if you don’t like a lot of your gums show when you smile. We can drop that so your gums don’t show. Fine lines around the mouth.

Jenny: Yup.

Alfie: Even the tip of the nose sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

Jenny: Oh, do people do the tip of the nose? I’ve worked here… I didn’t even know that.

Alfie: Yeah. So like mine how it tips down if you put a little Botox it stays up. And it either works or it doesn’t. And I think it always works but it might be too subtle for some people that its not worth it. But other people do like it. Same with lip flip. It turns out your lip just like a tiny bit. So some people love it and some people don’t.

Jenny: I know. I see some people around that I can tell have some it.

Jeanna: Done a lip flip, really?

Jenny: Well not the lip flip but have been elsewhere and have done too much in the upper lip.

Alfie: Oh yeah…

Jenny: And when they talk and don’t move I’m like that’s great you don’t have upper lip wrinkles but you’re literally like a puppet.

Alfie: See… yeah and that’s where you got to keep things classy and like conservative.

Jeanna: Knowing the amount of units to use so you look natural.

Alfie: And everybody can take a different amount too because everybody has different size muscles and that matters.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: We are doing Botox in the armpits for sweating now.

Jenny: That’s right.

Alfie: Did you see that… Jeanna, did you see that they’re using Botox in the shoulder blade to slim the shoulder blade muscle?

Jenny: What?

Destiny: Wow.

Jenny: Stop it.

Destiny: I need to get it in my armpits.

Jenny: Oh yeah.

Destiny: I’m like let me look into that. I just changed over to a natural deodorant, nothings really working. So…

Jenny: Seriously.

Alfie: Botox. It lasts like 6-9  months.

Jenny: Does it really? I didn’t know it worked that long.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: I need to get it done.

Alfie: Yeah. Totes.

Jenny: Totes… okay, back to shoulder blades.

Jeanna: yeah, I had not heard about that.

Jenny: I haven’t either.

Alfie: I was scrolling and I saw…

Destiny: Speaking of scrolling.

Alfie: Guilty. And back to my… and it was right here. They were doing it on this woman like to slim her shoulders.

Jenny: So is it for…

Alfie: You don’t need it, Rich.

Jenny: Well I’m just thinking if you get tense…

Alfie: Oh.

Jenny: Because I tend to do that.

Jeanna: And I know migraines they tend to kind of come down the bad of your neck. But slimming…huh.

Alfie: Yeah, well ill look into it. We’ll research it a little bit

Jenny: And then I’m like posture. Does that help with posture?

Alfie: No.

Jenny: Where else can we Botox?

Alfie: Because you relax…

Jeanna: I want my whole body.

Jenny: I want my whole body… just walking around like a limp noodles.

Jeanna: Just a few units so I can still walk up straight.

Alfie: Right.

Destiny: It’s all about the unit dosage.

Jenny: Yes… units are life.

Alfie: Yes. Yes.

Destiny: #unitsarelife

Alfie: units are life. I like it. Yeah, so even palms of the hands and feet for sweating.

Jenny: Oh, I need that too.

Alfie: Rich.

Jenny: I really do need to Botox my whole body.

Alfie: We’ll talk about it.

Jenny: Is Botoxing… okay, this just popped in my mind and I’m sorry. I know…

Alfie: This is turning into a consultation for Richie.

Jenny: I know. Like scrotox. What about scrotox?

Alfie: Scrotox is a thing too.

Jenny: Have you ever done scrotox?

Alfie: No. It is a thing. So like it relaxes them a little bit to hang a little away from the body. If you have an issue with that.

Jenny: Penile injects? You haven’t done those right?

Alfie: No.

Jenny: Because I’ve heard…

Destiny: You’ve heard?

Jenny: Everything is just coming to my mind

Alfie: Word on the street.

Jenny: I probably scrolled. And saw…

Alfie: I don’t know why you would want that.

Jenny: I’ve heard you can put filler…

Alfie: Oh, filler maybe yeah

Jenny: To make it bigger.

Alfie: That sounds like silly talk. But…

Jenny: Or like…

Jeanna: It’s not permanent. I wonder how much filler you need? Or what complications you’d have.

Jenny: I got way off topic.

Alfie: It reminds me of when they were doing the concrete for butt lifts in brazil

Jenny and Jeanna: ohhh….

Destiny: Oh my gosh that was so scary.

Alfie: Naughty, naughty. We are not gonna get on any bandwagon. Keep going, keep going.

Jenny: We’re going to keep going because these are probably things I’ve probably scrolled passed. Filler in labias, is that a thing? Should that be our next topic?

Alfie: I don’t know. It sounds terrible.

Jenny: I feel like I’ve heard that too

Jeanna: I feel like I don’t even know where you’re scrolling because I’m missing all of these.

Who do you follow?

Jenny: My problem is i have way too many Google alerts. You know about all of the fillers and botox and everything. So I see everywhere where people are putting it.

Alfie: If they’re injecting that there it is not the Unites States of America.

Jenny: I don’t know… I don’t know….

Alfie: I don’t know. That sounds terrible.

Jenny: I’m going to find the link.

Jeanna: Send us some pictures.

Jenny: I am not Googling scrotox.

Destiny: Just had to look in my inbox… and Allergan is the owner of Botox, right?

Jenny: Yes.

Destiny: They just reached out to me for a campaign… I just had to checkout.

Jenny: See!

Destiny: And I’ll be like and Utah Facial Plastics is the best.  So that’s like true to your point Yeah.

Jenny: Theres targeting millennials which I’m like yeah. Some people good and bad. Its just… its just what’s working. You’re going to spend your marketing dollars on what’s working.

Destiny: what’s working and not so much on what’s not working. I feel like at 40, maybe 50 if you haven’t tried Botox you might not.

Alfie: Right.

Destiny: Right?

Alfie: But you might.

Destiny: But you might.

Jeanna: I feel like that’s when a lot of women start coming. But mostly just now because it’s becoming a lot more popular and the stigma is going away.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: Its been around for a while. Just kinda like lasik eye surgery. Remember when it first started and everyone was like oh my gosh. Now it’s just like a thing, you see it everywhere. It’s the norm. Everybody does it.

Jenny: I feel like older women say their daughters make them come in. Like okay, mom.

Destiny: Yeah. I got my mom and my grandma to come in and they are like Botox like lovers.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yeah.

Destiny: I mean they love it and they get it done and… if it wasn’t for me though…

Jenny: That’s the thing. It takes younger generations to be like okay, come on. Really?

Destiny: And maybe that’s what it is. Like you said they’re targeting the millennials but then they can also go back and tell their mom and their grandma. And like they wouldn’t have tried… just no my mom would not have tried it or my grandma if it wasn’t for me. So you bring in that older generation.

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: I haven’t even thought about it that way.

Jenny: Really?

Alfie: And the husbands and boyfriends.

Jenny: That’s what they say, yeah. And husbands too…

Alfie: Everybody on the movies…

Jenny: Botox.

Alfie: Everybody looked over done and everybody looked crazy and there’s a lot of funny movies like Christmas with the Kranks when he can’t drink the water.

Jeanna: Oh what’s his name?

Alfie: When he had botox. Tim Allen.

Jeanna: Yeah.

Alfie: And then… I mean there’s a couple of them. But i think that husbands, boyfriends, moms, whatever they see that and they’re like oh, no no no. We are not doing that. But that’s not what it really… I have so many patients that their husbands have absolutely no idea that i touch their face at all.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: You know, because you just can’t tell.  It just refreshes you.

Jenny: Right, if it’s done right.

Destiny: big refresher.

Alfie: refresher.

Jenny: I love it.

Destiny: It’s like the Starbucks refresher.

Alfie: Those are delicious. That sounds delicious.

Jenny: So do we think it can be taken too far? Because I also brought this up with Alfie the other day where I’m like Alfie, do I have Instagram face?

Alfie: Right. She did. I would never let you have Instagram face.

Jeanna: No, Jenny. You do not.

Jenny: Well, I’m trying to keep it in check. So Instagram face… I saw an article about it where they showed pictures where its like the brows get overly arched, lips get too big, I mean it’s a Kardashian face. The cheeks get too big and there’s a new name for it, Instagram face.

Destiny: I didn’t know that.

Jenny: Isn’t that so funny?

Destiny: I don’t think you have that at all. I do think that it’s possible and that is because when you try… I had Instagram face, remember? You didn’t do it. But I came in from somewhere else and I… my lips were huge and I just over did it because I’m like oh, I want more, this is so cool.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s so fun.

Destiny: Trying to try different things. Some things just don’t work with your… which is why I love Alfie because she’s like an artist. She really maps out your face, she’s talking to you, she’s measuring everything out and she’s going to tell you if it’s going to look good. And if you’re going to have Instagram face and just listen to her, okay.

Alfie: And see… I wish I had an Alfie before because I did Instagram face to my face one time. Do you remember? Yeah… And then like I was like, oh my gosh. Like occupational hazard.

Jeanna: You saw a picture of yourself when you realized?

Alfie: uh-huh…

Jenny: And we tell each other when… no we are going to call it Instagram face.

Alfie: Now we are like in check.

Jenny: Before, nope you don’t need anymore.

Alfie: I had to take some out of my lips and like now Im super happy. Its occupational hazard for sure. But now, I ask Richie for permission.

Jeanna: I think you sometimes need an outside opinion. Like how’s my face looking? You know.

Alfie: For sure.

Jenny: Keep me in check. Yup. That’s a good thing because it doesn’t last forever. Which a lot of people are like oh, it sucks you know… it doesn’t last forever but that is actually a good thing.

Alfie: Right

Destiny: Right

Jenny: Because if you do get Instagram face you can  just take a break, let things settle…

Alfie: Unless you’re doing permanent stuff then you’re… not so lucky.

Jenny: Yeah… but do we think that look is kinda becoming the new  norm??

Destiny: No.

Alfie: No…

Jeanna: I hope not.

Destiny: Absolutely not.

Alfie: No.

Destiny: No, I think it’s more of a new norm like you look at somebody and you know what happened, like do you know what I mean? There’s no guessing game. You’re just like damn, girl. Like you know?

Jenny: I know. What do you think?

Alfie: I feel like some of the reality shows are kinda Instagram facey. You know?

Jenny: Real Housewives.

Alfie: Yeah, I wasn’t going to say it Rich but…

Destiny: I love Richie…

Jenny: I will say it.

Alfie: Yeah, Jenny is Richie. Sorry.

Destiny: I love it.

Alfie: I don’t know how to call you Jenny.

Jenny: Its fine. I like it. But, yeah that’s probably like every city of Real Housewives.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: But, a lot of them look really good.

Alfie: Some of them do. And some of them Im like…

Jenny: But the needle down.

Alfie: Put the needle down.

Destiny: Come to Utah Facial Plastics. Come see me!

Alfie: It’s hard to like your face… me and my friend Soria were talking about this. She was like your face is the only thing that you never get to actually see. You can only see it in a picture or a reflection in a mirror. As where every other body part you can actually look at and you can see and you can be oh, my cellulite isn’t bad, it’s just that lighting I was standing under the mirror. Or you know what I mean?

Jenny: That’s a good point.

Alfie: Your face is the only thing that you will personally never be able to like look at.

Jeanna: A full profile view.

Alfie: Yeah!

Destiny: Which is why I started getting Botox cause I couldn’t… I started seeing myself in pictures.

Alfie: But pictures aren’t always what you look like either, you know?

Destiny: True.

Alfie: So its… its like one of the hardest things. Especially people don’t see us the way that we see ourselves ever. Ever.

Jenny: That’s so true.

Destiny: and changing… environmental. Depending on where you live like Utah is a dessert, its very dry out here so if you’re not moisturizing your skin and taking care of your skin you are going to look very ashy…

Jenny: That’s true.

Destiny: And have a really hard time. And so again, I think aging can really hit you where you’re like you look in the mirror one day and you’re like holy crap.

Jenny: That’s almost what everybody says.

Jeanna: I get so many people that say that.

Jenny: They looked in the mirror one day and they’re like, who is that person?

Jeanna: Yup.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: I don’t like seeing that.

Jeanna: They feel like its overnight.

Alfie: Stress, grieve. I mean so many things can like.

Jenny: And weather.

Alfie: Weather.

Jenny: My sister in California that lives…

Alfie: She is so beautiful

Jenny: She like close to the coast.

Alfie: You all are though.

Jenny: She like ages so well. She’s a dark skin tone but she feels a lot of it is just the weather.

Alfie: Yeah.  That sounds good.

Destiny: Utah definitely has four seasons like a real four seasons so you’re going to get your winter and still a dessert at the end of the day, even with four seasons.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: Skin care is very important here, if not more than anywhere else.

Alfie: And water.

Destiny: And water.  Hydration, yeah.

Jenny: That is a good reminder. Okay, so for me I feel like I need to get a few more blogger secrets out.

Destiny: ooo… that sounds kinda fun.

Jenny: Sometimes I have to take a break from Instagram for myself. Do you have that pressure? I mean, you do right? To always be on and keeping up with what’s happening and posting and… you make it look so fun and effortless. That I’m like is, does that get… to me, sometimes I’m just like put the phone down.

Destiny: Overwhelming?

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: So…for me, i have a really great team. I don’t do it alone. I do burnout, you know where I just need to take a social media break. I call it a social media cleanse. I also… I really tell my followers about once a month like if I’m making you feel some type of way please, unfollow me. Because I don’t like to follow accounts that make me feel some type of way.

Jenny: That’s amazing.

Destiny: So if I’m feeling some type of way I really have to reflect. Is it me or is it them? Who is it, which one of us is it? Because it really can’t be you because you’re not doing anything to me. So I think taking a social media break is great for everybody.

Jenny: Yeah, agreed.

Destiny: Including influencers and really connecting with reality and life. Because it is a digital world but also I think a lot of us are forgetting that there’s a real life to be lived.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yes.

Jenny: That’s a good reminder that even you need a break.

Destiny: Even… yeah we all need a break. I try to… even more so in 2020 is as soon as Honor gets home, putting the phone down until she’s in bed and then just kinda wrapping up for the day. Just so she doesn’t… she doesn’t see me going into work because I blog full time. And so i want to still have the level of you know, just real moments with her. And not so much in front of the camera. And I will only be able to look at pictures like oh, these years passed us by. You know?

Jenny: Yeah… where I was staring at my  phone.

Destiny: Yeah, where I was just staring at my phone. So there’s that. Bloggers secrets… Let me see what else.

Alfie: I think that that one is a really good one.

Jenny: That is a really good one.

Alfie: Yeah, like you know even on a vacation my kids are taking pictures through their phones and its like you guys, put it down and look at the sunset. Like just be here.

Destiny: Present.

Alfie: Be present. And I have all these friends from this little town… none of them are on their phones ever! And none of their kids are. And if you call them at night , they’re like hey, my daughters right here let me call you tomorrow. It’s just like so good.

Jeanna: Wow.

Jenny: That’s amazing.

Alfie: Very present, yeah. I want more…

Jenny: We have to really focus… that’s a good reminder. I think you’re awesome with that. And you’re also really just inspiring as like a mother and just setting goals, being like your intentions like you’re a little guru.

Alfie: And like the self-love.  You’re all the good stuff.

Destiny: All the goodies. Yeah, I just feel like when you look good, you do good. When you feel good you do good. It all plays a role as mothers and women I think there’s so much society pressure on what that looks like, do you know what i mean?

For you and just finding your groove and its like you can go get Botox and not ever have to tell anybody but feel amazing, do you know what i mean? And so its like what do you want to do with your life and your body is up to you, and nobody else. I just feel like a lot of women are placing their happiness in other people’s hands or that they’re going to be judged and that really makes me sad because yeah.

Jenny: Yeah…

Destiny: Because I feel like as women we are creators and we are amazing and we should feel like a goddess everyday.

Jeanna: I do feel like everybody or at least from what I can see that the world is getting more vulnerable, though. You know with all of those things and I really like that movement. I like people being more open, not worrying what other people think about them, but obviously less judgment has to come with that for people to be vulnerable. But, I feel like its getting there. And I really like it.

Destiny: Yeah, being vulnerable and speaking truth to life. Whatever that means to you, whatever you like I talk about Botox because I love it.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: you know, It’s not going to scare me… even if people don’t jig with it just because it works for me, I’ve had good results, so I am going to spread the word because I want someone else to have the results that I had. But being vulnerable… I think even in the Instagram space like you were saying, people don’t want to see the cookie cutter anymore.

Jenny: They want to see the real person.

Destiny: They want to talk about real things.

Jenny: It’s almost like you can feel somebody… that sounds really weird.  Through their Instagram page. But I feel like you get a vibe, just get a natural vibe from you it’s not like I just got paid this from this company, here it is. Like you just have an energy that comes through your page.

Destiny: Thank you.

Jenny: That i find myself with other pages and Im like I’m bored. You know?

Destiny: Yeah.

Jenny: I don’t know, it’s just…

Alfie: It’s authentic.

Destiny: I really try to maintain the authenticity of my page because I went into it not knowing what It was going to be or how I was going to get paid. I just knew I really wanted and enjoyed doing it and so for me, yes it’s become this big, successful movement but that wasn’t always the plan. There, you know… it was a little baby seed that I didn’t know what it was going to be. So the followers have grown with me and the companies I continue to work with those and the partnership and relationships that I continue to really just maintain. Those are just as important to me than anything else because y’all were riding with me when I probably only had like 10,000 followers. You know what I mean?

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: It’s important to be authentic and to maintain relationships.

Jenny: Okay, last question I have.

Destiny: Yes!

Jenny: I like to get like the dirt. Is there like blogger ish… like you know you’re like, ooo that hoe bag… you know?

Destiny: I love it…

Jenny: I always wonder…

Destiny: Is there blogger drama?

Jenny: Blogger drama. There’s gotta be.

Destiny: You know… yes, definitely.

Jenny: You don’t have to tell everything… I just want a little.

Destiny: I won’t drop any names.. But I will say that there are… you know we all work differently. There’s some bloggers who work with just collabs. There are some bloggers who work with affiliates., they make their money off of Like to Know It or you know recommending a skincare product that you carry at Utah Facial Plastics, something like that. Or you have a blogger type like me who works a lot on sponsorships. So I do think we all work differently and with that, with women… a bunch of women in general it can become… because at the end of the day it’s a little competition, it’s a little competitive.

Jenny: Yeah, exactly!

Destiny: Everybody grows at different rates for a multitude of reasons. So, you know you have the bloggers who are having babies every nine months, right? So they’re keeping up with the Jones’. Like Keeping Up with The Kardashians like people are keeping up with them because they want to see these babies drop, right?

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: Then you have, you know you have someone…

Jenny: This is good.

Destiny: who may just be like I’m healing. For me, we are talking a lot on my blog about about healing and in the healing space and what that looks like to heal yourself. And then you may have someone who  just wants to talk about products. So with that being said you have a bunch of different personalities, a bunch of people who like different things and what I’ve seen here in the Utah space is there is a little cattiness but not too much. And people just stick to what they like, like if you don’t like someone you just don’t need to really be around them, you don’t need to see them anyway. You don’t need to follow them anyway, you don’t need to like or comment.

Jenny: You can keep your space in the digital world.

Destiny: Keep your space and keep it cute and keep it moving.

Jenny: Yeah, keep it cute. Keep it cute.

Destiny: Keep it moving, let’s talk about it…just keep it moving.

Jenny: Yeah

Alfie: Yeah

Destiny: Its fine. Yeah. Not too much, just yeah. Not too much drama which is great. It’s just you like who you like.

Jenny: Just normal human comparison.

Destiny: Yeah, like any business, any industry.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s anything.

Alfie: Yeah, and I feel like as women we need to just like keep empowering each other and there’s enough love and…

Destiny: There’s enough to go around for ever body!

Jenny: Totally.

Alfie: Totally because we made this world. We need to keep bringing it up.

Jenny: See, like you’re a little guru too… like little buddha too I love it.

Alfie: Thank you, Rich!

Destiny: She really is.

Jenny: Jeanna, I just don’t get to work with you enough to know your…

Alfie: She is so super, super fun and super hilarious.

Destiny: I think you need to have Jeanna on here… just you and Jeanna on here so you guys can spill the beans like yeah.

Jenny: I love your wisdom.

Jeanna: What beans?

Destiny: I don’t know! Just drop some wisdom, drop some jewels.

Jeanna: I don’t have any wisdom. I don’t know what to pull up for you.

Alfie: Whatever.

Jenny: I just feel like these two are spiritual… I kinda need to be more like that.

Alfie: you are too.

Jenny: I like it, I like it.

Alfie: Well, good.

Jenny: I think its positive.

Destiny: Yes.

Jenny: Anyway… well keep doing what you’re doing, we love it.

Destiny: Thank you for having me on here, this has been amazing.

Jenny: Absolutely.

Destiny:  I would love to come chat again.

Jenny: She’ll be back, she’ll be back. Yeah, we love it. We hope to kinda anything we do we try to keep it real so…yeah. So follow us, subscribe, rate, review , like. I feel like thats too many things to request. Facial Aesthetics Unmasked and we’ll be back next time.



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