Ethnic Rhinoplasties in Utah

The world is becoming much more diverse and therefore, rhinoplasties are becoming more ethnic sensitive. An ethnic rhinoplasty in Utah involves reshaping the nose surgically to improve the appearance and overall balance of the face. This procedure typically involves reconstruction of both the bone and cartilage in the nose. Individuals of all ethnicities may have interest in changing the appearance of their nose but if not done by an experienced surgeon, the risks of complications and/or an unsatisfactory result are much greater.

Natural Rhinoplasty Results

When it comes to any plastic surgery procedure a natural-looking result should always be the goal. Each ethnic background has distinct characteristics the really define the face, especially the eyes, nose and jaw. We see many individuals, for example, who are Hispanic and are consulting with Drs. Thompson or Henstrom for a more “Caucasian-looking” nose. While the desired nose may be aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t always fit patients with more ethnic features.

Another important surgical concern is how any incisions will close and look once completely healed. African-Americans tend to scar easier, which our surgeons take into consideration prior to surgery.

Bottom line, our goal is to enhance each patient’s natural beauty while still maintaining their uniqueness.

Nasal Silicone Implants

Nasal silicone implants are sometimes used for Asian patients undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. While a silicone implant can create a higher dorsal bridge and can define the nasal tip, it’s not always the best way to achieve a patient’s desired outcome.

The problem is that these implants often look unnatural and have a high risk of future complications because they do not become incorporated into the tissue of the nose. Over time, a capsule forms around the implant that can then be rejected by the body. When the implant is rejected, the implant can become visible to the eye and start to look like a bump on the bridge of the nose.

Ethnic sensitive rhinoplasties are now part of the norm. Finding an experienced, well-qualified facial plastic surgeon will help you achieve your aesthetic goals while still looking natural and well balanced.

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