Is Botox Safe?

Botox was the first neurotoxin to become FDA-approved and the first neurotoxin to treat wrinkles. In 2002, Botox was FDA approved to temporarily improve the appearance of glabellar lines (the lines between the eyebrows). Today, Botox is the only FDA approved neurotoxin to treat forehead lines, glabellar lines and crow’s feet (lines around the eyes).

Is Botox Safe?

Botox is made from a neurotoxin that is produced by botulinum toxin. We first hear the word, “toxin” and automatically think it’s toxic. This is not the case at all with Botox. The amount of botulinum toxin that is actually found in Botox is so minimal that it rarely has a negative effect on the body. Just like any drug, if the appropriate amount of Botox is not administered correctly it can have negative effects on the body.

While Botox is considered safe for treating wrinkles, there is still the possibility of complication. Most of the risks and complications that occur with Botox are actually in the hands of an inexperienced injector. If you’re new to Botox, we recommend looking for a well-educated, knowledgeable and experienced injector. Education and experience can often be found online. If not, don’t be afraid to call the office and schedule a consultation. During an initial Botox consultation you can ask as many questions as needed and if you’re comfortable, you can go ahead with treatment. Our biggest tip is to never put a price tag on your safety. Do not make cost your deciding factor in choosing an injector.

Now, you’ve chosen an injector and are ready for Botox. Treatment is usually pretty painless because the needles are so tiny and our injectors try their best to be gentle. Immediately after you may have little bumps where Botox was injected. Those go away after just a few minutes. We urge our patients to not touch the treated areas and avoid strenuous physical activities and laying flat on their back for at least four hours after treatment.

Seven to ten days after your Botox treatment you will start to see your results! At that point, you are left with smoother, younger looking skin. If patients have moderate to severe lines they will notice that their wrinkles soften overtime with consistent Botox treatments.

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