What Is A Mini Necklift?

Many patient have concerns with neck laxity but aren’t ready for a full face or necklift. Here are three mini necklift options available in SLC, Utah.


Our MACSlift is one of our most popular mini necklift options because it lifts and tightens the lower face with minimal visible scars. MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension which means it is a vertical lift involving small incisions. The way this lift is performed makes recovery much faster than a traditional lift while still being long lasting. An ideal candidate for this type of mini necklift is someone whose primary concern is with “jowling” and loss of definition along the jawline. Our MACSlift offers patients natural, long lasting results that restore a more youthful face shape. This mini necklift procedure has many advantages that make it an excellent option for a variety of patients.

Direct Necklift

A direct necklift is ideal for patients whose primary concern is with the central neck. This type of candidate may have complaints that they don’t like how their skin or tissue hangs too low on the neck specifically. Direct necklift patients are often times candidates for a traditional facelift or MACSlift but want an even shorter recovery time. During this procedure, the excess tissue directly on the neck is excised, leaving the patient with a vertical scar on the front of the neck. The patient is then left with a more sculpted neck. Recovery with this type of procedure is significantly less and comes with minimal bruising and swelling after surgery.


This is the least invasive non-surgical necklift option that we offer. FaceTite uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) that is like no other on the market.  The RFAL uses thermal energy to tighten and remove excess fat. FaceTIte has the ability to contour and tighten the neck and lower face without scars or downtime. A candidate for this procedure would be anyone who wants a smoother, more defined contour to their neck, jawline, and lower face. This treatment can be done by itself or as a “touch up” after a mini necklift or facelift. Results are not fully apparent right away but there is a noticeable difference almost immediately. Over six weeks to six months after treatment, new collagen will form and results will begin to improve for up to one year.

At UFP we are able to offer individuals a variety of mini necklift options that fits everyone’s concerns and lifestyles. To learn more about a mini necklift in Draper or Layton, Utah, please call our office at (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.


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