How to make your Botox and Filler results last longer

Unfortunately, it isn’t the best time for us to be treating patients with Botox and fillers and as much as patients try to convince us these treatments are “essential”, it just isn’t safe. We understand it’s tough, we’re going without too, so we’re here with some information to help you extend the results of your Botox and fillers for as long as possible. At this time, we’re hoping to be available for treatment again in Draper and Layton starting May 1st but that date is subject to change.


Botox works by weakening the muscle it’s injected into to keep it from contracting and creating wrinkles in the skin. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any great ways to actually make Botox last longer. But often times, when we start to see wrinkles appear in the skin they are a sign of dehydration. So be sure to drink a lot of water and avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible.

You can also keep your skin hydrated with a good hyaluronic-acid based serum and moisturizer, such as Exlinea from PCA. The HA in Exlinea continually moisturizes the skin while rice bran wax gives the skin a smooth appearance. It also contains Vitamin, which neutralizes free radicals to prevent premature aging. Exlinea is available through our online store at 20% off.


We offer a variety of fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, with lifespans that vary anywhere from 6 months to 24 months. And while each filler comes with an average lifespan, most filler lasts longer than that “official time” so hopefully you make it through quarantine just fine.

That being said, it will help greatly to keep your skin hydrated from the inside and outside by drinking a lot of water and consistently applying a good hyaluronic acid serum twice per day. It’s also important to nourish your body with nutrients that will create a glow from the inside out. Be sure to eat a plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats from nuts and fish.

While it’s important to get outside and get your Vitamin D, be sure to wear sunscreen as UV light promotes the degradation of collagen and elastin the skin. One of our most popular products is this sunscreen from EltaMD. It’s less than $30 and comes in both clear and tinted.

For more information on filler and Botox in Draper and Layton, Utah, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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