During a chin augmentation procedure an implant is placed along the chin to enhance the chin, jawline and overall balance of the face. A good candidate for this procedure typically has a receding chin which can make a nose look larger or it can blur the distinction between the chin and neck.

Chin implants come in various sizes and shapes resulting in natural, subtle results. Oftentimes, when a patient comes in for a rhinoplasty or facelift a chin implant may be recommended to enhance the overall result. For example, a chin implant during a facelift can be recommended to correct moderate to severe jowling by filling in the pre-jowl sulcus.

While a chin implant can significantly improve the appearance of one’s profile view, it is not the only view from which you’ll be able to see a difference. As mentioned above, a small chin can make the nose appear larger. A small chin can also make the top portion of the face appear top heavy. Another common complaint we hear from patients concerned with their lower face is that they have a double chin. A chin augmentation can help with that by creating a stronger, more defined chin, which is considered most attractive in both men and women.

When a chin augmentation is done as a stand alone procedure, it is considered minimally invasive and can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. Submental liposuction is commonly done at the same time to enhance the overall appearance of the chin/jawline. The chin implant is placed through a small incision located directly under the chin, making the scar very hard to see. Submental liposuction is typically done through three tiny incisions leaving minimal scarring.

Patients recovering from chin augmentation have said the pain is typically minimal. Following surgery, the chin is taped and wrapped for 5 days until the sutures are removed. It is also very common for patients to experience temporary numbness in the incision areas.

Improvement is apparent right away but full results are visible once the initial swelling has resolved after three to four weeks. Chin implants were created to last a lifetime and are designed to not move. Patients are able to enjoy the benefits of a chin augmentation for the rest of their lives.

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