Let’s Talk about What to Do and Not Do If You’re Getting Injectables

copy of copy of istock 529004687The development of injectables like Botox and dermal fillers paved a wide road for adults wanting a minimally-invasive way to feel great about their appearance. For over a decade, wrinkle-reducers and fillers have led the charge in the beauty industry. Why wouldn’t they? Injectables are easy. They’re relatively painless, and they work quickly. We haven’t met many people who aren’t excited about these benefits. Because injectables are so popular, it is necessary to remind new and existing patients of a few simple Dos and Don’ts around these treatments.

Injectable Dos

  • Get your scheduling right. When you get injections of Botox or fillers, we want to make sure the product stays put where it is meant to integrate into the target tissue. To prevent displacement, you want to schedule your treatment after other services, including facials, a massage, even that dental visit. Once the tissue has absorbed its product, which takes about a week, you’re free to resume all normal facial services.
  • Ice, ice, Baby. Many people who are getting injectables for the first time fear that their experience will be painful. You needn’t stress. If you are feeling a bit anxious or worried, apply a clean ice pack to your skin for a few minutes before getting injections. The same can be done after injections if the area feels sore. It usually doesn’t. If you do apply ice, keep it to a 10-minute maximum.
  • Be mindful of medications. For a few days before and a few days after getting injectable treatment, it is wise to avoid medications that thin the blood. Headache or other pain? Take acetaminophen as an alternative to ibuprofen or aspirin.

Injectable Don’ts

  • Happy hour may be happy most days, but not when you’re getting injectable treatment. Like some medications, alcohol is a blood-thinner. Imbibing the day before or the day of injectable treatments could increase your risk of bruising.
  • Overdo it. Increasing body heat in a jacuzzi or sauna or even with strenuous exercise is good in some situations, but not when you’ve had injections. The boost in heat or circulation can lead to bruising.

The minor dos and don’ts related to injectable treatments are a small price to pay for months of facial rejuvenation. To schedule your consultation and treatment, call our Draper or Layton office today.

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