Is Botox Better Than Dysport?

In the world of injectables, you may have heard of several names of products, including Botox and Dysport. When comparing Botox and Dysport, there are more similarities than differences and it really comes down to personal preference. Botox and Dysport both work by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. It temporarily stops the treated muscles from contracting. When treated cosmetically, neurotoxin injections allow for less movement of the muscles which softens fine lines and wrinkles. 

Injectable Companies

Both Botox and Dysport have the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin A. For example, when comparing Advil and Motrin they are different brands, but both share the same active ingredient, Ibuprofen. Botox is produced by a company called Allergan, and Dysport is produced by Gallderma.

Which Injectable is Right for Me?

If you haven’t tried either, consider talking to your injector first to get a good recommendation.  They generally work the same, although Dysport has studies of a quicker onset. When it comes down to choosing one over the other, it comes down to personal preference and you may find that you like one over the other or notice more longevity with one. When comparing these two treatments, one of the biggest differences is the size of the molecule. Dysport has a small molecule which means it is able to spread easier. For example, an appropriate Dysport candidate may have a really widespread forehead or glabella (between the brows). Since Dysport does have a small molecule, it would spread easier when injected to this wide area. Botox on the other hand has a larger molecule, which means it stays exactly where it is injected, making it more precise.

When Will I See Results from Botox or Dysport?

Botox treatments are quick, like Dysport, but the full results do take a few days longer than Dysport. Following a Botox treatment, it takes approximately 7-10 days after treatment to fully kick in. If a patient has an event or event coming up in the following days of treatment, Dysport might be a better option as it tends to have that quicker onset.  Both Botox and Dysport are temporary and last approximately 3-4 months. Results vary per individual.

Which Injectable Is More Natural?

Both injectables offer very natural results when done by an experienced injector. Dysport can look more natural and allow for more movement, which makes it a favorite amongst men and individuals who want subtle results. However, more units can be added to the area(s) being treated to promote less movement. The dilution process of Botox and Dysport are different which makes the number of units needed for each area different. For example, 3 units of Dysport is equal to 1 unit of Botox. It truly comes down to the individuals needs and the injector.

Are Botox and Dysport Expensive?

Beauty treatments can be considered expensive to most as they are elective, but more and more people are doing these treatments and making them a priority when it comes to self-care. Generally, Botox and Dysport are priced the same and this also varies on the region you live in. Some offices charge per area and some charge per unit. When comparing Botox to Dysport they are both safe and effective neurotoxins that are great when it comes to treating fine lines and wrinkles. Botox has been on the market longer than Dysport which has made it more popular, but Dysport is just as effective, and both are great options for treating fine lines and wrinkles in the face. We recommend trying both to find out which one you like best.

To learn more about Botox or Dysport, please contact our Draper, Layton or South Jordan (coming soon) offices at (801)776-2220. Schedule with a UFP Aesthetics nurse injector to discuss your options for treatment.

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