What Causes a Split Earlobe?

Split EarlobeYour ears are used more than just to hear. Millions of people everyday wear earrings, gauges, studs, and all kinds of jewelry. Unfortunately, different types of jewelry are one of the leading causes of a split earlobe. Let’s take a closer look at what causes a split earlobe.

What Is a Split Earlobe?

A split earlobe is a type of condition or injury where the earlobe is split down to the edge from a certain puncture point. This causes the ear to be permanently damaged and split until it is corrected. This can be frustrating and embarrassing for people with split earlobes. It also prevents jewelry from being put in the earlobe.

Split Earlobe Causes


Earrings are very commonly worn around the world. However, heavy earrings can actually cause stretching and tearing over time. Most people are aware of when an earring is too heavy for their ear. That being said, some people enjoy the weight of heavy earrings and can end up unintentionally damaging their ears.

Even light earrings can cause split earlobes. This is mainly caused by your earrings getting caught on things like a comb or being yanked by a young child. This can cause tearing as the earrings attempt to remove themselves from the force.


There are many injuries that can cause a split earlobe. Car crashes, slips, kitchen accidents, and really any physical trauma to the ear can cause a split earlobe. This is more common when treatment isn’t sought after an injury, and the ear improperly heals.


Gauges are a type of ear jewelry that intentionally stretches the ear to reach larger gauge sizes. Many people will stop at a certain size once they are happy with it. However, gauges can stretch your ears and even tear your earlobes if you move up sizes too quickly.

Fixing a Split Earlobe

Our ears are often seen as the framing of our faces. That’s why a torn earlobe can be distressing and distract from your facial features. Our team at Utah Facial Plastics can perform split earlobe repair and get your ear back to a way you’re proud of. While a split earlobe is rarely a medical concern, our staff believes everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. That’s why we provide customized treatment plans to get you back on track. Contact Utah Facial Plastics at 801-776-2220 to take the first step toward split earlobe repair.

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