Lower Lid Skin Pinch For Reagan Leadbetter by Dr. Henstrom

September 29, 2017

We absolutely love Reagan Leadbetter from Good Things Utah and are always excited to have her in the office. Recently she came to see us with under-eye concerns and felt her eyes were making her look more aged and tired than she actually was. This is a common concern as the skin loses elasticity over time. Dr. Douglas Henstrom recommended a lower lid skin pinch to lift and tighten that excess skin.

A lower lid skin pinch can be done alone, as she has done, or combination with laser resurfacing and/or fillers if needed or desired for extra improvement. It’s important to choose an experienced surgeon as severe complication can occur eyelid surgeries such as this one. If a surgeon is overly aggressive and removes too much skin, it can cause retraction of the lower lid where it pulls down permanently.

Dr. Henstrom’s lower lid skin pinch for Reagan Leadbetter started with her coming into the office for numbing. The procedure then took approximately 45 minutes to mark the skin, excess the excess, and suture the skin back together. Healing time was dependent on how long it took for her bruising and swelling to subside and the incision to heal, which is approximately 7-10 days after surgery for most patients. The sutures are dissolvable and don’t need to be removed in-office. The line is so small along the lash lines that it heals well and will be unnoticeable after healed.

To learn more about a lower lid skin pinch at Utah Facial Plastics, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.


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