Why Quit the Stick Before Plastic Surgery

July 25, 2014

cigThere’s no question of the dangers of smoking, particularly if you’re thinking about having plastic surgery in Utah. While several studies were already done in the past confirming its negative effects on the outcome of the surgery, this 2013 study revealed that smokers who had plastic surgery had “higher complication rates and tissue necrosis rates as well as likelier to require re-operation.”

A Closer Look on the Risks of Smoking in Plastic Surgery

By and large, smoking constricts the blood vessels which consequently reduces oxygen supply to the rest of your body. Cells are oxygen-deprived and when they are in this constant oxygen-less state, you put yourself at risk for delayed healing, skin necrosis, scarring, and wound separation.

Also, apart from the risk of reoperation mentioned earlier, smokers tend to experience longer stays in the hospital as a result of poor healing.

The following are the negative effects of smoking to common cosmetic procedures:

While quitting smoking may sound easy, we understand that it’s not a walk in the park for smokers. During your initial consultation with Dr. Thompson, a discussion of possible options on how to go cold turkey will be included.

Get in touch with us by calling (801)776-2220 or by filling out this contact form! We look forward to helping you quit smoking prior to your Utah plastic surgery.

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