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Can you fix a gummy smile with Botox?

What is referred to as a “gummy smile” is when a large portion of your upper gums show when you smile or laugh. Individuals who have a gummy smile are typically self-conscious when they talk or smile and will usually try to hide it. Botox can be injected into the lip muscle right under the… Read More »

Amazing Uses for Botox You May Not Know About

Dr. Henstrom discusses some amazing uses for Botox you may not know about on Fox13’s The Place with Deena Marie. Deena: Dr. Douglas Henstrom is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon at Utah Facial Plastics and that’s my medpsa! I’m so excited you’re here. Dr. Henstrom: I’m happy to be here. Deena: So today’s topic… Read More »

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