“Will I still look like myself after a facelift?” is one of the most asked questions during a facelift consultation at Utah Facial Plastics. The answer is yes, you will still look like yourself after a facelift, just more youthful. The goal after a facelift is for patients to feel and look like the best version of their younger selves. When individuals are considering a facelift they do not want to look “fake”, “over done”, or “wind blown”. We highly recommend patients view our surgeon’s before and after facelift photos to make sure they like the surgeon’s aesthetic. Our surgeons are able to obtain natural looking, long-lasting results by using the most advanced techniques.

Facelift Technique

Our surgeons’ advanced facelift technique is much more comprehensive than your typical facelift technique. A typical facelift technique works well for lifting loose jowls but usually overlooks the mid-face and does not adequately treat neck laxity. Our surgeons utilize advanced facelift techniques that significantly rejuvenate the neck, jowls and mid-face. Both Drs. Thompson and Henstrom are dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons whose complete focus is on the face and neck.

Add-On Procedures

A facelift is a surgical procedure that is performed in a hospital under deep sedation. The surgery lasts anywhere from 3-5 hours but can be longer if additional procedures are being done at the same time. It is common that patients will add on blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chin augmentation, fat grafting, and/or dermabrasion to their facelift procedure.

Other procedures may be recommended to obtain the best, most natural results. Fat grafting or fat injections are commonly paired with a facelift to restore volume loss in the face. There are many cases in which our surgeons recommend chin implants to improve jowls and to strengthen the jaw and neckline. Blepharoplasties may also be recommended to rejuvenate the upper portion of the face, creating overall balance and rejuvenation.

Our goal with every facelift is a more youthful, natural looking outcome. We want our patients to be proud and happy about their appearance and their decision to have a facelift with UFP. Patients who have had a facelift from either Dr. Thompson or Dr. Henstrom have received nothing but positive feedback from friends and loved ones.

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